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Wait, this isn't Zac Brown Band? - 5%

Mailman__, May 1st, 2018

What happened?

I had to make sure that I wasn't listening to Zac Brown Band for Christ's sake.

I'm getting vibes of nu metal, grunge, country rock, glam metal, and industrial, to name a few.  It's like Bruce Springsteen listened to a Korn CD and was somehow inspired.  There are so many things wrong with this album and I am having a hard time organizing all of them into one, cohesive review.

Okay, I guess I'll tackle the first problem I heard: "Insomnia."  Is that industrial I hear?  Yep, it is.  That's too bad, I was hoping for maybe something decent for the first track.  Nope, it's shit right off the bat.  Also, the lyrics to this song are ridiculous.  Look at these:

Insomnia, footsteps on the walk
Insomnia, I hear someone knock
Insomnia, I wish it was a dream
Insomnia, can you hear me scream?

If you have insomnia, screaming won't help, trust me.  Screaming does not help one sleep.  Well, I guess they needed something edgy that rhymes with "dream."  Yeah, that makes sense.  This is a literal identity crisis.  I mean this goes from nu metal to country rock in an instant.  Perfect examples are "Wonderlust" and "Breadline."  The horribly melodic choruses and twangy guitar give off the worst vibe ever put off by a Megadeth song.

There is no redeeming point on this album.  Cryptic Writings had a few songs that were redeeming because it showed that Megadeth could still write a decent song.  There is not one song on this album that reminds me of good Megadeth, something that I'm beginning to think was mere legend.  I mean, did Peace Sells actually happen?  Or was it just an illusion created by a really shitty band?  I bet we could get some good conspiracy theories out of this.

No, this is real.  This heartless, empty, meaningless album called Risk actually did happen.  So, I mentioned glam metal in an above paragraph.  Yes, just listen to "I'll Be There" or "Breadline," and you'll understand.  It's very reminiscent of their 1988 release, So Far, So Good... So What?, but at least that album had decent guitar.  That's another thing.  I never expected a band that released "Tornado of Souls" and "The Conjuring" to release something so dull and blunt.

From the vocal effects and industrial dabblings here and there, Risk became the butt of Megadeth's discography up to 1999.  Everything about the cheesy "Crush 'Em" and lame effects that struggle so hard to make "Prince of Darkness" actually eerie fail to entertain even the dullest of minds.  Each of these songs attempts to leap at the listener with ferocity and atmosphere, but merely bounces off their forehead, leaving them unscathed.  Every track is water on rock, but eventually, after the 51 minute runtime of the album, the water will erode every bit of happiness left inside of you because this album is that terrible.

Speaking of "Crush 'Em," what the hell is this?  The intro "Enter the Arena" builds up for something heavy... and what do we hear...?

*effects and samples*

Bumbum (industrial dabblings in background)

*clean guitar*

Wow.  All of that buildup for a crappy bassline and some bluesy clean guitar lick?  Cool, why don't you just stop listening because it doesn't get any better.

Okay, fine, there is on very mediocre part that actually sounds amazing compared to all of this other shit.  The only decent song on here is "Time: The End" because, not only does it mark the ending of this abomination, it also has pretty okay riffs and themes.  All of this momentum is lost once the vocal effect kick in, but at least there is just a speck of hope left...

I feel like a lot of the country influence can be blamed on Cryptic Writings, but at least Risk doesn't have (as much) harmonica.  Then the grunge and nu metal can be traced to the times.  Remember, people, this was 1999, and nu metal was just in its prime and grunge is starting to die down.  Slayer went nu and grunge with Diabolus in Musica and Sepultura went nu with every release after Chaos A.D.  Still, I cannot find a single thing I like about this new sound.

Overall Rating: 5%

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