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Oh, grow up children - 83%

Lennert, August 9th, 2007

So this isn't thrash or even heavy metal, that doesn't necessarily mean it's bad. The people who think non-thrash equals shit need some lessons in logics, because the only thing that can truly ruin an album is the songmaterial, not the genre.

The question is whether there is bad material on this album and my answer is: yes there is, but not a lot of it. The only song which really doesn't do it for me is Insomnia, simply because the lyrics suck and the music is too much off the same riff over and over again.

Now I like other music next to metal, so it really doesn't hurt me there are no snarls or heavy riffs present. The reason why I like Megadeth in the first place is Dave Mustaine's voice and his lyrics, therefore there's nothing which will stop me from liking Wanderlust, I'll Be There For You, Time, Crush 'Em and The Doctor's Calling. Why? Because these are good, honest rock songs with excellent vocals, melodies en solo's. I just can't understand people comparing this album with 'N Sync and Ashley Simpson, because it's way to heavy to sound anything like it. 'Rock' doesn't equal 'soft'. Megadeth never was an all thrash metal act, Megadeth IS Dave Mustaine with his inner demons and political opinions, whether the guy is thrashing out or dancing to Russian folk songs.

Like I said before: apart from Insomnia, there are no bad songs. My personal favorite is Wanderlust, which I rank in my top 10 of best Megadeth songs. Honest rock, good lyrics which remind me of Clint Eastwood cowboy movies and wonderful vocal lines.

If you are openminded enough and liked the softer songs from Cryptic Writings you shouldn't have any problems with this album at all. If you keep whining about the fact it isn't heavy at all, go listen to Slayer (now there's some overrated band) or some corpse grinding black/death act. However, if you are open to quality, 'soft' music, you'll be able to like it well enough.