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God kill me now... - 12%

EzX, April 13th, 2007

It was 2000. I was wandering a Kmart store with money in my pockets to spend on something. Lo and behold, there happened to be a bargain bin full of CDs and in it was Risk. I don't know why, but the cover just appealed to me for some reason. So I bought it for four bucks, went home, listened to it and didn't think it was that bad. That was seven years ago, and my opinion has changed dramatically.

Risk is absolutely the biggest shit pile Megadeth has ever come out with. It's an insult to the Megadeth name. Even Cryptic Pissings seems like God compared to this monstrosity.

Some of the songs have this retarded electronica beat in the background, especially Insomnia. In fact, most of the song sounds like a Middle Eastern rock song or something. Right before the annoying, pop-echo of "Insomnia, nia, nia...” the beat sounds like something used in a shitty rap song.

Crush Em is a typically shitty sports anthem type of song, and has chants of the song's title in between small portions of guitar playing, and distorted pop vocals in the background, but unfortunately has the tendency to stick in your head.

Most of the other songs are like this or have a country thing going on, with two stand out exceptions: Prince of Darkness and (ugh) The Doctor Is Calling. Prince of Darkness is the best and heaviest song on Risk and has some decent guitar work in it, but still sounds like something that should be on a rock album. On the other end of the shitastic spectrum, we have The Doctor Is Calling, the absolute worst piece of shit I have heard come from a metal band. It doesn't even classify itself as metal, or music for that matter; it's just a cacophony of overused pop vocal distortion, poppy guitars and it just doesn't flow nicely at all. It sucks harder than a hooker.

If you're into Megadeth and love the old shit from the 80s and Rust In Peace, then steer clear of this steaming pile of pig shit and stick to the good stuff. But if you're into Ashlee Simpson and 'N SYNC or shit like that, then by all means, buy the damn thing. But if you're caught humming tunes from this record in public, then you're in for a beating. This is the shittiest album from a metal band ever released. I'd rather drown in dog shit than listen to this abomination.