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Megadeth > Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? > Reviews > BlackMetal213
Megadeth - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

A near perfect thrash metal classic - 99%

BlackMetal213, June 30th, 2016

Well, here it is. Megadeth's highly acclaimed second full-length album. Released a year following the debut "Killing is My Business...and Business is Good!", "Peace Sells...but Who's Buying?" showcases the band already evolving vastly above what they were doing before. And again, it amazes me how these guys made this music while on all of the drugs. This album took their thrash/speed metal sound and basically lessened the speed metal aspects. They're still there of course, because thrash metal basically evolved from speed metal. However, overall, this album is far more a pure thrash piece than anything. It is far more sophisticated musically, in terms of songwriting, technicality, and melody. This was also the album that pushed Megadeth further into superstardom, and gained them even more positive media attention than they were already accumulating.

"Wake Up Dead", although only having a few lines of lyrics, was already one of Megadeth's finest pieces of music the band had yet to create. It was placed right at the beginning of the album. The riffs in this song are heavy as balls and pure thrash! This album seems to be a bit darker than the first record. There are still lyrical ideals of the occult, with tracks such as "The Conjuring", "Devils Island", and "Good Mourning/Black Friday". The third track I just mentioned also has a beautiful acoustic intro which screams an influence of classical music. It's dark and haunting and quite beautiful at the same time. These songs, unsurprisingly with their lyrical themes, are among the darkest on the album. Not only that, but some of the darkest the band has ever written. This album also was where Dave began to include political themes. Of course, I'm speaking of the title track "Peace Sells". The lyrics are basically questions of a political nature with Mustaine answering them afterwards. This is one of the most recognized, iconic Deth songs, and with good reasoning. It positively rips! In terms of guitar, with this album's many overly impressive solos and riffs, we are treated to an absolute masterpiece that Megadeth wouldn't top until "Rust in Peace", which would come four years later in 1990.

Dave's vocals are, again, my least favorite aspect of this album. I've stated I'm not a huge fan of his singing and that still stands with this record. That doesn't matter though. The music is just too good. As with the previous record, Gar Samuelson preformed drums on this album. He was a skilled drummer playing in jazz fusion bands before and the jazz influence in his drumming is completely obvious here. He was probably the most skilled drummer Megadeth ever employed, dare I say. His technical proficiency is unmatched. Unfortunately he would not play on anymore Megadeth albums, as he was fired due to his hard drug abuse. I believe Mustaine was trying to clean up at this point, and did not tolerate Gar's drug use (which is totally understandable). Still, it's quite sad, and he would eventually pass away. His legacy definitely lives on with this record.

I really can't say more about this album, honestly. It's not their best, as I said earlier, but it is very close to a perfect thrash metal album. With these classic releases, so many people have thrown their input in and provided reviews. I feel like I owe these albums reviews, though, and so I shall. I love that we can provide reviews for the music we enjoy on this website and I love how relevant it had become. "Tell me something, it's still we, the people, right?"