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Dave gets handed his hat. (Part 2 of 2) - 88%

hells_unicorn, July 10th, 2007

Among the endless sea of forgotten shorter duration releases in the MegaDeth’s back catalog sits this, the only example to date where Mustaine was going it alone on the guitar. Although this is not the most thrash worthy song ever put out by this outfit, it is nonetheless an interesting remake of the Alice Cooper classic, complete with a similarly aggressive vocal delivery and a hell of a lot more guitar distortion. I can remember watching the music video in seeing a sense of disillusion in Dave’s face in between the cuts to scenes of his child equivalent storming out of his house or the scenes from Shocker, most likely as this was during one of the lowest points in Dave’s career personally.

Although MegaDeth gets the job done on here, something happens after the song ends that no one would have predicted, they get their asses handed to them by a thrash outfit that was younger and hungrier than they were at that time. Dead On’s contribution to the release, aptly titled “Different Breed”, wipes the floor with everything else to be found on here and probably everything on the full Shocker soundtrack, blazing away with full riffs ahead. Even though more than a minute of classic thrash riffing and breakdown sections has been ripped from this amazing song in order to make it more radio friendly, a travesty against man and beast alike, it still kicks your ass three ways from yesterday.

The third track by Dangerous Toys, which rounds out this album, has a more glam vibe to it. Just picture either Ratt or Krokus with slightly more attitude and you’ll get the picture; it doesn’t take anything away from the other 2 songs, but it’s not nearly as metal as they are. In fact, I’m of a mind to argue that Vic should be taken off the cover of this release if a special edition of it ever pops up the future and be replaced with the members of Dead On escorting Dave Mustaine to the injury recovery room at a hospital for a period of recuperation after the beating he took on here.

If you are a fan of thrash and MegaDeth and you somehow track down this obvious rarity, it would be worthy picking up if you were unable to get MegaDeth’s “Hidden Treasures”, which contained the featured song on here, and if for some reason you are not inclined to purchase Dead On’s full length release, although I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t.

Alice Cooper would be proud - 90%

thatcoltkid, April 30th, 2007

"No More Mr. Nice Guy" hasn't just been one of my favourite Alice Cooper songs, but one of my favourite songs in general. Megadeth have been one of my favourite metal bands of all time and I'm always a fan of their cover songs, so surely you'd expect me to go out of my way to get this song and for my expectations of it to be pretty high. Well, you're right.

And does it deliver? You're damn right it does!

That awesome riff goes from a rocky groove to a piece of metal without it actually changing much at all, and instrumentally the song is performed perfectly and at times I feel it even out-performs the Cooper classic from '73.

Alice Cooper is one hell of a singer, one of the best in metal/rock and as for Dave, well, at least he makes his voice suit the music he plays. He lets his voice suit his cover songs because usually he changes the song around a fair bit musically to make it more thrashier, but he doesn't change the song drastically at all (except it's a bit faster and has a short solo). However, his snarl is a perfect match for this song and is one of those factors that really enhances the track instead of weakening its quality.

So once again, Dave takes a song that is far from being Megadeth and turns it into one of his own. Surely the godfather of rock, Alice Cooper, would be proud of this and with good reason. Now let's just hope Dave decides to cover "Billion Dollar Babies" next.