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Venom Personified - 94%

1stMetalheads, September 22nd, 2008

Now, I'm one of the biggest Megadeth fans in the world, they were one of my first bands, and still one of my favorite thrash acts (when they were thrash anyways) and Mustaine is one of my favorite songwriters and guitarists. But I have a confession to make, I don't like Mustaine’s vocals. I've heard all the 'It fits the music!' arguments, but most of the time it just doesn't do it for me. I think he would have done good hiring a vocalist and just doing support vocals.

What we have here, though, is an exception. Liar starts off in what would be a pretty standard way if you've heard the other stuff from SFSGSW. A pretty fast riff, pretty good thrash with slight punk influences. But then, Mustaine’s voice comes in and you hear him as he should be. Dave’s voice is absolutely dripping with venom, and as soon as he starts everything else in this song comes together, and you can feel the betrayal and hate coming from every pore of this song.

There is, however, some bad (isn't there always). The riffing and drumwork on this song are pretty standard, and of course, since this is non-remastered, you still have the horrible production. The solos do add a rather unique air to this song though, and as I've already gone over in detail, Dave’s voice is excellent. Very underrated track, from an underrated album, and definitely something any Megadeth fan should check out.

The ballad of Chris Poland. - 80%

hells_unicorn, April 18th, 2007

Among the rather stylistically consistent yet lyrically incongruous offerings off of “So far, so good, so what” is this rather witty, comical, and vulgar polemic against former band mate Chris Poland. Many consider this to be a low point in Mustaine’s song writing career, but I can not help but disagree. If you listen to Storm Troopers of Death, Nuclear Blast, or other rougher edged thrash acts with greater punk tendencies, you will note that this approach to humorous/angry lyric writing is not unique to Mustaine, nor was it unheard of for him to write this style of song on previous releases.

The song itself is highly aggressive, particularly Dave’s vocal delivery on the chorus where he shouts “Liar!” like an angry imp hemorrhaging blood through his throat. The riffs are well emphasized; the solos are fast and complex, all despite the fact that this song is barely over 3 minutes long. If there is any flaw in this single it is that there is no additional perk for tracking it down, no b-sides, nothing to make it worth getting it in along side picking up the studio version. “Mary Jane” and “Anarchy in the UK” both at least had some accompanying songs, albeit ones that weren’t quite spectacular.

If you already own the album it came off of, this single is not really worthy of seeking out. If you managed to pick this up when it was in circulation, you’ve probably got something that would be worth a bit to some eccentric MegaDeth collector. The song does stand well on its own, and that is one of the reasons why I elected to do this review, as this song has been subject to some harsh criticism in some quarters.

Fast, Ugly, GREAT! - 85%

CannibalCorpse, June 2nd, 2005

This was released shortly before So Far, So Good, So What?(If I'm not mistaken) and it's for sure one of the best songs on that album. Contrary to popular opinion, I think that SFSGSW is better than any of their other albums from the 80s. Well, that's another story. On to the song:

Liar is about Chris Poland, who stole Mustaine's guitars. Just take a look at they lyrics. HILARIOUS!

"Your sister's a junkie, get "it" anyway she can
Your brother's a gay singer in a stud leather band
Your girlfriend's got herpes to go with your help and aids"

Priceless! Mustaine has always written great lyrics and even though these lyrics sound rather childish, they are fun as hell! There's no chance that you won't scream along with Dave:"YOU, YOU FUCKING LIAR!"

The song itself is a thrashfest at it's best. From the neat intro riff to the last note, this is pure thrash mayhem. It might not be as fast, extreme or brutal as many other thrash bands at the time, but it's great nonetheless. Well executed solos just put the cream on top of the cake. My only complaint is(this happened on many songs before Rust In Peace) that the drums are just....there. They are not here for any originality or great playing, they just accompany the riffs, nothing more.

Mustaine's vocals are in top form and you can almost feel the venom he spits while ranting about Poland. Well, he had a reason to be pissed off.

If you want a fast, funny and extremely catchy thrash song, get this. For sure one of the best songs on So Far, So Good, So What? Recommended.