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Good debut, needs better production - 77%

music_shadowsfall, July 2nd, 2004

Megadeth's debut is one of those albums that could have been absoloutely amazing... if the production had been better. The songwriting on this album is incredible, and a taste of Dave's songwriting talents which would develop on later albums. This is Megadeth at their least structured, and what comes out is a good melodic thrash album.

There are only a couple of problems with this album. The first, is, as already mentioned, the production. While it is nowhere near the atrocity of production known as St. Anger, it could use some work. The lead guitar can be unclear at times, and the rhythm guitar's volume is way too low. The drums could also do with getting their volume lowered. With all these production problems, and because many of the songs sound the same, the songs tend to blur into each other. Dave Mustaine's vocals at this point are also pretty annoying, but luckily they get better in later albums.

The highlights are the title trach which has a great chorus that is very fun to sing along with. Mechanix is a faster and better version of the Four Horsemen, although Dave's vocals are especially annoying on that track. Rattlehead also has some kickass riffs, and is a nice little thrash track. Looking Down on the Cross is the best song here, and has some excellent lead guitar and great riffs. The other songs are good, though nothing special, with the exception of the cover of These Boots, which pretty much sucks. I mean, the guitar is good, but Mustaine's vocals are as annoying as ever, and all those beeps in the song get pretty damn annoying.

Well, there we have it. This is not Megadeth's best release, and they definitely do get better as time goes on, but for a debut it is pretty damn good and has some excellent songs to its name. A must buy for all Megadeth fans and all thrash fans should at least download it.