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Fantastic Debut - 89%

MEGANICK89, January 31st, 2008

Dave Mustaine has always to be known of man with quite a temper and after Metallica booted him, Dave was a bit angry and this transformed into the Megadeth debut aptly titled "Killing is my Business...and Business is Good." Dave was out to prove that he was the fastest and the best and there was no better way to start out. This is pure, raw thrash at its finest and a must have for any thrasher and Megadeth fan.

The opening track shows what's about to come in this album. From the creepy little piano intro to the blazing guitar in "Last Rites", this track is head rattler for sure. Chris Poland and Dave Mustaine make quite the guitar team with the perfect combination of Dave thrashing and Poland bringing some melody into it. The beginning of "Skull Beneath the Skin" is one of the best openers of any song featuring wicked, crawling guitar playing and the song bursts out into a solo and is one the best songs on this album. The pace changes though with "Looking Down the Cross" which is a brooding track and gives quite a scary atmosphere to it which makes it sound like something you would hear at a black funeral, not that I have been to one, but this is what I would imagine it like.

"Mechanix" is the track that "The Four Horseman" by Metallica orginally was. "Mechanix" has more speed to it and would tear the other version to shreds based on pure speed, but a person might like the "The Four Horseman" better because it has more arrangements and goes a bit slower, but you cannot go wrong with both. "These Boots" is the controversial song on here becausing Megadeth took Lee Hazlewood's popular song and basically made a thrashy, dirty lyric version of it and Lee did not take kindly to it. In the 2002 remaster version, some of the words are bleeped out in this song. I'm not sure if it was like that on the orginal, but that's how it is on this version.

Speaking of the 2002 remastered version, the album sounds much better obviously. and the raw, poor production can be overlooked because the album sounds so much better and cleaner than the original so make sure to buy the 2002 version.

In the end, this is an album that should be bought and should be bought right now. You will not be disappointed as this is a shining star in the thrash world. Dave is fierce with the vocals and it translates to the fierce guitar shredding. So buy this. Love this. Get this.