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Mustaine's cash grabber...but still worthy to get! - 79%

skolnick, February 20th, 2003

This is not as bad as some may think...actually it's pretty good. Mustaine and his team (the best, with Friedman and Menza) made some pretty decent versions and released some of their best original songs, some of them just B-sides from other singles, and made a really precious hidden treasure to be discovered by any worthy Megadeth or metal fan...

There are some good covers over here. Worth checking out. "No More Mr. Nice Guy" is a three piece band played song (they still didn't had Friedman, and they were looking for another guitar player...) from Alice Cooper. A really 80ish song but with some catchy riffs and a contagious rhythm. "Paranoid" is the more than well deserved tribute to the masters of heavy metal (you know who they are...). Well, everybody had played Black Sabbath's songs, so this was Megadeth's turn, and although not being bad, it stayed too sticked to the original version, but in this one drummer Nick Menza just didn't wanted to stop play...he just didn't (hear it...). "Problems" is the black sheep on this record. It's just what Megadeth just shouldn't have played. I mean, "Anarchy" was good, but another Sex Pistols cover??? Give me a break!! Plz... This one it's not even enough to put you headbanging...this is pure punk...ARGGGHH!!

Then he have the brilliant original Megadeth's songs like the fast and edge cutting "Breakpoint", the thick and crunchy "Go to Hell" with a great guitar tone..."Angry Again" is an excellent song, very melodic and still managing to have some cool riffs. "99 Ways to Die" kicks some severe ass being probably one of the best songs in here along with "Diadems", a brilliant song with some of the best Mustaine riffs ever. A song that could have been in the "Youthanasia" album very easily.

This probably was a money grabber, I can't deny it, but I also cannot deny that the quality of Mustaine's work is superb (except some of the covers...) in here. This was what he can now regard as the farewell gift of the real metallish Megadeth to their fans before they started jumping into more commercial battlegrounds...

Worthy item to get...No doubt about it. Try to get this one instead of "The World Needs a Hero" or even "Cryptic Writings". Well I think I don't have to say anything about "Risk" in comparison to this...