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The Rarity Release that listens like an album. - 88%

hells_unicorn, October 26th, 2006

This was one of my earliest MegaDeth purchases, and also one of my most frugal ones at that, as I would have had to buy 7 different soundtracks/compilations in order to get them all. People call this Mustaine's cash grabber, seeing as I saved a ton of cash by getting it, I'm going to refer to it as his cash-saver.

There isn't a bad song on here, and to state for the record, I hate the fucking sex pistols. I'm sorry, I was a pretty steady punk fan in the early 90s, but I never got into the noise these guys put out. "Problems" is probably the weakest of the tracks on here, but it's alot of fun and Dave's vocals keep it interesting.

There are alot of fond memories attached to the individual songs on here. I remember a few weeks ago watching "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" with my band's bassist, and remembering the classic MegaDeth song that played when they were sent to hell by Bill's hot yet flaky stepmom. Not to mention the fun yet often ridiculed film version of "Super Mario Brothers", and the high speed thrasher "Breaking Point". Great leads on that one by the way. I remember "Shocker" scaring the hell out of me, although "No More Mr. Nice Guy" is probably the least scary song on here. And the most musically intricate song on the Beavis and Butthead experience "99 ways to die". Love those classical guitar fills on that one, not to mention the unforgettable main riff. They're remake of "Paranoid", which is on probably one of the weakest Black Sabbath tributes I've ever heard, is par for the course, although I did like Marty Friedman's more technically extravagant solo.

However, my all time favorite track on here is "Diadems", by well over a mile I might add. It's one of the slower songs on here, but it has an awesome quiet intro that reminds me a tiny bit of Dokken actually. DemonKnight, the movie it appeared on, is in my top 5 favorite horror/action movies of all time, not to mention the top notch soundtrack (minus the goofy Pantera song).

I was frosted beyond measure to find out that this CD has been taken out of print, because these songs will be extremely difficult to get a hold of, if not impossible in the case of some. Most of the movies that they appeared on were not very successful in their time, although "Shocker" has achieved a sort of cult status amongst horror movie fans. If you can find either on Ebay, or some other second hand website or store, it would be well worth the money.