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Interesting Mix of Material - 70%

Erdrickgr, November 29th, 2007

With song titles like No More Mr. Nice Guy, Breakpoint, Go To Hell, Angry Again, 99 Ways to Die, and Problems, you'd probably think that this was a very dark CD. But in actuality, while the lyrics are at times somewhat serious, the music remains fairly light-hearted and fun throughout.

This EP came out in 1995, but most of the original material had been written and published years before, giving the material more of a Countdown to Extinction sound, rather than the post-Youthanasia someone might expect based on the year of release. It's true that none of the songs are metal masterpieces; most of the songs were made for movie soundtracks, so they have a commercialized slant to them. Having said that, the music on this EP isn't anywhere near a Risk level of commercialism, or a Youthanasia level of passivity. Most of the songs have a solid, metallic, even sometimes aggressive quality to them.

99 Ways to Die is definitely the best song on the album, staying fairly aggressive throughout, having a catchy chorus, and having the most memorable lyrics on the album. None of the other Megadeth originals are terrible, though they are something of a mixed bag. Breakpoint has some good guitar work, though it doesn't quite reach it's potential. Angry Again is a fairly run-of-the-mill, mid-paced song, though I wouldn't call it filler. Diadems is one of the more unique songs that Megadeth have done, with something akin to a groove metal riff in the middle of the song. Go To Hell is also a mid-paced metal song, but it has a certain evil charm to it that puts it above many of the other tracks on the album.

When it comes to the rest of the songs... well, Megadeth have never been particularly good at covers, and what you get here isn't any better than the covers on earlier LP's. The Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath covers aren't bad, they're just stale. The cover of the song Problems, on the other hand, is just plain terrible.

This album isn't really going to get you banging your head, but as a short EP it can be a fun listen every once in a while.