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Great single!! - 98%

ShadeOfDarkness, March 9th, 2009

This single includes two versions of the song "Hangar 18." The first one is a radio edited version, which is very much shorter than the original. If you don't want to listen to all the amazing guitar solos, then the radio edited version is the one for you. However, the best one is definitely the original, because those solos are godamn unbeatable! They are the best solos that I've ever heard!

You've also got two amazing live tracks. The first one is from the album "Peace Sells" and the song is the second one on the album "The Conjuring." Here, the band prooves that they are one of the best live bands that are possible to find! The second live track is "Hook In Mouth" from their "So Far, So Good... So What!" album. An amazing live track as well.

So if you want some great Megadeth stuff, then get this single. Of course, you should rather get the full album "Rust In Peace," but the reason you should probably get this single is because of the live tracks. We don't have that much live stuff from Megadeth in the early years, so it is important that we take all we can get! So get this single for the live tracks!!