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Selected by the fans, but hardly for the fans - 20%

stickyshooZ, June 25th, 2005

So this is it - another Best Of compilation from Megadeth. The catch? This time the tracks were selected based on fan votes from Megadeth’s official forums. You’d think that leaving a compilation track list up to the fans would be the best possible way to get a good compilation album, but unfortunately, they even managed to fail at that. There is a reason it’s called “Best Of” and not “Mediocre collection”.

Yeah, you get a couple of awesome classics such as Holy Wars, In My Darkest Hour, Hangar 18, A Tout Le Monde and Wake Up Dead…but when it boils down to it, what else is there? There are seventeen tracks on this compilation and I can name at least ten that I’d like to see replaced with songs that are more deserving of recognition. Instead of delving into the days of when Megadeth actually meant something and wrote songs that even the test of time couldn’t dilapidate, the fans have chosen to take the contemporary road – a path that does not even come close to representing the best eras of this band. What happened to the underappreciated classics, like Hook in Mouth, Into the Lungs of Hell, Rattlehead and Take No fucking Prisoners? A man’s Megadeth compilation is not complete without Take No Prisoners, no matter how many classics you put on it.

Prince of Darkness, Kill the King, Dread and the Fugitive Mind, Trust, Angry Again…how many people gave or give a damn about these songs? This is like a hamburger without the meat. Please don’t put anymore money into Mustaine’s pocket and fueling his oversized ego by purchasing this piss poor release. All of you asshats who voted on this track list suck at life.