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W00T W00T ALBUM COUNT +1 - 23%

music_shadowsfall, June 16th, 2005

So imagine this. You'rethe frontman of an old metal band that has just released a quite average album. You have your ego and wallet to placate, but don't want to put in any actual effort into anything. So, you decide that it'd be a pretty good idea to wash your integrity further down the drain by releasing your third "best of" compilation in three years. And, the result, is of course, shitty.

Yes, this is Megadeth's third "best of" in five years, which is bad enough in itself. To further insult us, the metal consumer, Mustaine must have thought that it'd be a pretty good idea to not only keep on releasing these pieces of shit, but to also include a nearly identical tracklisting to one of the aforementioned best hits. I mean, at least Capital Punishment: The Megadeth Years had two new songs. This has nothing. This is a rehash of Capital Punishment with four extra songs or so added on and a few of the other ones taken away to make this album appear more "back to the roots". This is, in essence, bullshit.

So basically, this is in fact a complete waste of time and money. Not only does it follow in the past proud Megadeth "best hits" train of shitty song selection, but its also completely unoriginal in its song selection too. Good job and congratulations on this one, Dave.