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What do we have here? - 45%

erickg13, November 30th, 2006

We have a mess of a greatest hits album. Without any knowledge of the whole Megadeth forum fiasco, it’s still a mess.

This was made to revive interest in the band for their comeback and maybe introduce their music to new fans, but fails due to its lack of early material. They overlook their strongest material in favor of a balanced attack from each album, which for this band doesn’t work! Why? Because Megadeth made their initial fan-base through their early thrashier material and this almost but not completely feels like it skims over that era. Another problem is that the tracks are not in chronological order, which due to the myriad of themes and styles of their work makes this feel a bit choppy.

All that said, this does give you a flavour from each album, good or not so good. Also none of this material is bad per se, but it could have been stronger.

Overall, “Back to the Start” is understandably hated by fans, but for those slightly curious to Megadeth this is an okay starting point. However people who really want to get into them should start with “Killing is my Business...and Business Is Good” and work their way up the albums.