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Who cares? - 15%

a8o, June 30th, 2005

The result of a months long survey of Megadeth forum users to decide which tracks to include on a greatest hits album. The way votes were recorded, however, says a lot about how poor this disc is. Each album was given its own poll on the forums and the tracks with the highest overall votecount were recorded. If the fans could have their way, the best of Megadeth would include most of "Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?", "Rust In Peace" and a few tracks from the rest. I consider "Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good" and "So Far So Good... So What!" to be far more deserving of the passing mention they get here. The rest is really crap when compared to the '85-91 so call 'filler' material (like "Take No Prinsoners", not included here.) For a band with an already vast back-catalogue and already existing compilations still in print, it must be asked for whom this album was really compiled?

Sales figures for "The System Has Failed" indicated that, while Megadeth has a strong following today, it is not a band creating new fans with its latest releases. A greatest hits such as this, designed to lure in new fans, is therefore missing its mark. The song selection is highly unoriginal and so on the same token there are no old tricks to lure long time fans into a purchase by including one or two temping additions. For exampleI would have loved for Dave to do what Anthrax did with "The Greater of Two Evils" and re-record the classic Megadeth tunes with his new band, who are an amazing fit for Megadeth live (or even record another live album).

But since he didn't, this review really only functions to criticise the way this album was marketed and decided upon: under the guise of being for the fans of Megadeth on their official forums, it ends up not for new fans, not for old fans and is therefore totally and utterly redundant.