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Prince of Darkness ? Best-of ? Something's wrong.. - 18%

TreyAzagthoth, June 30th, 2005

Mustaine has an undeniable talent for music, even though Megadeth's last albuns are quite regular he's a great musician. But in the last few years (or decade ?) he's showing to the fans another talent, to make us waste our money on shitty records (Risk pops in your head, right ?) or useless compilations (Why release something like 'Still Alive.. and Well?' ?), and now he present the fans again with: 'Megadeth's Greatest Hits: Back to the Start'.

The album starts off wrong, the name 'back to the start' should mean something like, songs from the first albums, classics such as 'rattlehead', 'set the world afire', 'devil's island', etc.. but no, the tracklist here features probably the most overrated songs of the band, something to MTV-freaks to buy. Even the classics on the album are very familiar to all the fans, yes.. 'Holy Wars', In My Darkest Hour' and 'Hangar 18' are good examples, in fact, these three songs you can find in 3 or more Megadeth albums, so.. buy the studio albums instead.

The only reason for a fan to buy this, is if you want to own all Megadeth discography, besides that there's nothing new here and you'll not want spend money to hear 'Prince of Darkness' again.

By the way, the name of the album should be: 'Still Alive.. and DEFINITELY not Well !'