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Talk about a cash in... - 10%

Lane, June 17th, 2012

Another compilation of hits from Megadeth. This time around the songs were chosen by the Megadeth forum members. But isn't it weird enough, that many a best-scoring song doesn't appear here? Why? Hey, money talks, if you didn't know! It says that "the track list for this collection is largely the result of a poll..." Yeah, largely, which is still true, because the singles scored well anyways.

I enjoy most of the songs here, even the 'Risk' (1999) one, 'Prince of Darkness'. But the problem is, that there are so many overplayed songs, which you hear in concerts or on a radio. Or then not, as these are 2004 remixes! Those remixes of all Megadeth albums from 1980's and -90's are something I don't want to hear. 'Kill the King' is a nice surprise at least, because it's more rare a song. If I'd make my own Megadeth "best of" CD, some of these songs would appear on it, but nowhere near every single one.

Why I bought this, then? I bought this because of the bonus DVD. I bet many Megadeth fans did, and will. I got this album as new for under 7 Euros, so it felt like a bargain. At least sort of. The DVD's main attraction is, as one would think, live at Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, Colorado 27th December 1999. However, only seven songs are available here, but probably because their studio versions can be found on the CD. Lame... The band sound incredibly bored, as there's no energy flowing at all. This was one of the last gigs for guitarist Marty Friedman, so Mr. Mustaine acted as usual to thank his band mate for all the years and mixed Friedman's guitar very, very quiet. Only Marty's solos and some other bits are really audible. LAME! Thank you, Dave Mustaine, for this totally unnecessary live abomination. It's not even of bootleg quality. The video clip for 'Kill the King' is the best thing here. It's "nice", that it appears here and not on 'Arsenal of Megadeth' with other video clips (minus 'Crush 'Em'). Simply too "buy 'em all" mentality from the record label and the band. Well, so is the video, because it is just a collage with cuts from older video clips...

This is NOTHING BUT AN AWFUL CASH IN, so a huge "fuck off" to Capitol Records!!! I wanted to write this as a warning! Only for true Megadeth completists, this one.

(originally written for in 2010)