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We Chose the Songs, But We Didn't Get Them - 9%

Dark_Mewtwo1, July 10th, 2005

I'm a member of the Megadeth message boards, and I am there quite often (my post count is a testament to this). When the webmaster and Dave announced that we would vote for the songs, everyone was excited, after all, we all knew that Dave wanted to do the right thing instead of releasing another Capitol Punishment. Boy were we wrong or what?!

I have no problems with the music. None at all. I like every single track, some more than others (IE A Tout Le Monde...I really can't stand it that much anymore). I was happy to see Prince of Darkness included, I liked the song, but after that, this isn't a review on the music, because we all know it's great. This review is a rant.

What the hell man?! Many songs had more than 2,000 votes and didn't make it, IE Take No Prisoners, Good Mourning Black Friday, TORNADO OF SOULS!!!! Instead, we get songs that were not voted on as much, or the singles, because all the idiots voted for the singles. And it would have been a much better deal if this would have been a double album, or a live album even, because the material here doesn't really do Megadeth's 20 years justice. We all know the songs, we want more. And the DVD is nothing to shit at either, it's just a bunch of footage from the Risk tour, which in itself was horrid because Marty was getting ready to leave Megadeth and those are some of his worst performances ever. Don't even bother buying this unless you want a copy of Kill the King, which is a great song.