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A different approach to promotion. - 85%

hells_unicorn, May 4th, 2007

The first single offering off the “United Abominations” release, MegaDeth’s “Gears of War” is both indicative of the character of that album yet deceptive in many ways. While the LP it comes from is a much faster and harder edged listen than “The System has failed”, this song is among the most mid-tempo and subdued of the fold. The riffs are in good order, as is Mustaine’s vocal delivery, but the general feel of the song is more in line with the moderately paced rockers that Judas Priest was pumping out in the earlier 80s.

The intro to the song has an anthem like quality to it, somewhat similar to the military march intro to “Into the lungs of hell”, but with a more ominous quality to it. The principle riff screams NWOBHM influence, which was typical of the early thrash style, accompanied by a whispered chant of the song’s title for extra atmosphere. Although the song doesn’t take off flying the way much of the material on their 80s stuff tended to, the solo section has some solid interchanges. Glenn Drover’s work with King Diamond was, in my opinion, second only to the genius that Michael Denner put forth on “Fatal Portrait” and “Abigail”. Although we only get a small sample of his work on this song, those who do get around to picking up a copy of “United Abominations” are in for quite a treat.

It is somewhat ironic that Dave and company decided to put this out as the first single in that it presents a slower song to a faster album, while the first single off “The System has failed” took the opposite approach and placed the two thrash songs at the helm. This single will likely only be possessed by those who jumped the gun and bought it before the album came out, me being one of them. If you already have the LP and you don’t feel the need to own absolutely everything with the MegaDeth name on it, just take this review as an augmentation of my endorsement of the full album.

The Gears of War Keep Rolling - 95%

WildWinger88, December 29th, 2006

After a successful album in The System Has Failed, Megadeth comes back with a strong single off of their highly-anticipated album United Abominations. "Gears of War" is an electrifying song straight from the start. The introduction begins with a bone-chilling guitar entrance, and then comes the hard, chugging guitar riffs. Then you hear the chant, "Gears of War". The song's lyrics are very reminiscent of the video games content and reflect the mood perfectly.

Dave Mustaine's vocals fit perfectly with the tone of the song. Mustaine and Glen Drover both also deliver a great guitar solo towards the end of the track. The drumming by Shawn Drover is also very entertaining. It's not too fast, but not too slow. It's a great single off of the upcoming album and I think Megadeth will definitely make an impact with this track. Long Live Megadeth!