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Very Representive Of The Album - 77%

Edward_The_Great, April 3rd, 2009

Mustaine made a good choice releasing Foreclosure of a Dream as a single for “Countdown to Extinction”. The song represents the album’s mood very well, containing samples, anti-American government themes, and most notably, a more accessible sound than anything on the four previous albums. The song’s acoustic main melody and catchy chorus demonstrate this well. As most people know, Megadeth accomplished this more commercial sound without abandoning their metalness at all; the song is pretty dark, musically and lyrically, and still contains the band’s famous soloing talents. It also happens to be one of the best songs of the album, in addition to its representation.

The excellent live rendition of Skin O’ My Teeth contrasts Foreclosure a bit being one of the most aggressive songs on “Countdown to Extinction”, with violent guitar work, controversial themes, and the thrashiness of previous albums. While the title track represents the album more, Skin O’ My Teeth shows audiences that Megadeth was still as mean as ever. Also, no need to worry about the edit closing the single, as nothing notable was really cut out. (Both solos are still there along with the sample)

In conclusion, Megadeth demonstrates their talent of choosing singles once again with Foreclosure of a Dream, as it accurately represents their attitude at the time. While some new tracks would have been appreciated, this single is still a worthy collectors item due to its more “underrated” nature. I would recommend this for die-hard collectors and for new fans that want a good taste of “Countdown to Extinction” to see if they like the Megadeth of that period.