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Excellent portrayal of Megadeth - 93%

overkill67, September 4th, 2004

This is a fantastic home video. Its chalk full of behind the scenes action as well as countless one on one interviews with both the band members as well as producer Max Norman. This was released at a time when Megadeth was still at the heap of their popularity and had an enormous fan base of die hard metal heads as well as the newer mainstream type fans who were turned on to the band by the Countdown album. Some of the highlights on this video include the step by step construction of a studio that was actually used to record the Youthanasia album. Also there are several scenes of the band rehearsing live in the studio. Black Curtains is played to perfection! Also, there is footage of the band doing a professional style photo shoot in New York. The concept of the album cover is explained, as is the way the children that appear to be hanging from the clothes line were photographed.
This video is truly an interesting in depth look at a succesfull Metal bands inception and creation, following right on through to the completion of an exceptional album. One of the highlights for me with this video was the fact that Dave Mustaine, who has such a bad reputation for being a controlling tyrant, is actually portrayed as a humble and comical kind of guy. Focusing primarily on the music, Dave's ego is put aside and he treats everyone in this video with the utmost respect.
Another great thing about the timing of this project, was that Dave was not using drugs at the time and it really shows. There are no manic moments, nor are there any multi-personality traits that appear to be present.
Anyone who has seen Metallica's "A year and a half in the life of Metallica", and enjoyed that video, will absolutely love this video. By comparing these two video's, you'll see the difference between Dave's vision and his genius as a musician as oppose to Metallica's alliance with a producer that basically controlled the entire process of their recording. This video only validates the opinion that Dave Mustaine is an "Einstein" in the realm of music and his genius simply cannot be denied.
This video is well worth purchasing, and is a must for all Megadeth fans!