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Poor Metallica... - 90%

heavens_coffin, September 17th, 2009

Just about everyone knows that Megadeth's been using Metallica's faces to mop the floor for about 20 years now and Endgame is just another case in point. My expectations weren't too high for this album. I mean, I liked both The System Has Failed and United Abominations, but they were half good, half filler. The filler on United Abominations was better than the filler on The System Has Failed...but filler is filler. So I was expecting some good songs and a lot of filler like the last 3 albums. Those expectations have definitely been exceeded. There are only two songs on here I would consider calling filler, and they're at the bottom of the list below.

After three straight days of listening to this album intensely--which by the way is something that has not happened between myself and a Megadeth album since Youthanasia came out when I was 14--I am very pleased. Yeah, it's waaaaay better than Death Magnetic and it smokes anything Megadeth have put out since at least Youthanasia. I have a lot of fond memories attached to that record, so I'm not sure if Endgame is better than it or Countdown To Extinction. Time will tell on that one. But I can say this: it's definitely got more balls than both of them combined and is easily their heaviest record since Rust In Peace.

There's elements from a lot of previous Megadeth albums. The slower, lumbering songs I'd liken more to stuff from Countdown To Extinction with a bit of So Far, So Good, So What! in the mix. The blazers definitely have a bit of So Far, So Good, So What! in them as well, as well as what we've heard on the faster tracks of The System Has Failed (think Kick The Chair) and United Abominations (think Sleepwalker and Washington Is Next!). What this album seems to have that the last several haven't is flow and consistency. Yeah, the guys let off the gas pedal and then slam it right back on, but I don't really find myself being bored with certain songs--everything gels very well. There also isn't a stupid A Tout Le Monde remake to fuck this record up either and make you look at your stereo and ask "Why, Dave? Why would you do this?".

The riffs are here (see This Day We Fight!, Headcrusher and Bodies), the solos are here (see Dialectic Chaos and well...everywhere else), the catchy vocal melodies are here (see The Right To Go Insane and How The Story Ends). Lyrically, this album is far from a masterpiece but Mustaine's never exactly been a brilliant poet and hasn't had the need to be in a band such as this. Despite lyrical shortcomings, you'll find yourself digging them the more you listen to it, just like you did with so many Megadeth albums years ago. It's about fuckin' time.


This Day We Fight!
How The Story Ends
The Right To Go Insane

Still friggin' rad:

Dialectic Chaos
44 Minutes

Good, but the weakest of the album:

Bite The Hand
The Hardest Part Of Letting Go...Sealed With A Kiss

I think this is the record that Mustaine has been trying to make since the turn of the century. This is an album where I have finally been able to sit down and enjoy the shit out of it, bang my head and just get lost in it instead of thinking "Well this is a step in the right direction, I hope the next one is better".

And yeah, poor Metallica. You guys finally put out a decent album for the first time in 20 years and Megadeth drives over it with a tank the next year. Life's a bitch.