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zzzzzzzzzzzz - 49%

capeda, February 12th, 2003

Well what happened here? This album is SHALLOW. Yeah, there are a few good (but simple) riffs. But there aren't enough of them. This is standard verse-chorus-verse metal, and I'm not a fan of formulaic rock. In fact, I own ZERO rock albums. I have some jazz, some classical, some world music, some prog rock, but no standard "rock-n-roll." You know why? Because I don't enjoy verse-chorus-verse song structures (unless the music (RIFFS) located within that structure is intense enough to make me forget about the shallowness). But no. There are some good riffs here and there, but this album seems like an attempt (albeit a competent attempt) to sell out. You know, alter the style of music you do to gain more fans and more money? Of course, Dave was dumbing his music down considerably since Countdown, but this is really simple and really boring.

I liked this album the first few times I heard it, but the more I listened to it, the more I realized how boring it was. Trust, Almost Honest, Use The Man, Secret Place, yadda yadda yadda. Once you got familiar with the few good riffs contained within, thats it. What you hear is what you get. There's little here to discover in repeated listens.

If you enjoy shallow music, than this is pretty up to par. I'd rather be forced to listen to this than say, Limp Bizkit, or 90s era Metallica. Heck, there are even a handful of tracks that I still listen to on mp3 every now and then... She-Wolf and Disintegrators. Both are fast-paced galloping tunes that kick up the intensity of the album. If all the songs on here were this good, I'd have given this album a 70! But nah, there's a whole lot of filler encompassing these 2.