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DoH! - 36%

UltraBoris, August 11th, 2002

This is where Megadeth really keel over and fuck themselves. They try to sound modern and 90s-ish. And the worst part is, they succeed! The killer melodies that had marked their previous albums are for the most part gone, and only evident in a very few songs. Trust and She-Wolf come immediately to mind.

The rest of the songs tend to range from boring to very boring - the songwriting definitely drops several notches, and sometimes reeks of late 90s post-grunge modern rock. Witness "I'll Get Even", "Have Cool will Travel" and "Use the Man" for examples of hideous boringness. Even Trust has that Godawful middle section that totally ruins the song, and Almost Honest is built to be a 1997 radio hit, meaning that it is by definition complete crap.

Oh, and FFF has a riff from Motorbreath, so while on the last album Mustaine was paying tribute to Sean Harris, here he's ripping off Hugh Tanner!!

This is Megadeth's black album, really - where they totally stepped on the trends of the day, putting out an album that did not sound out of place for the AOR of its time, just a bit more distorted. Again, there are some decent songs, but it's really not worth the hunting and pecking.