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Best of the best band - 100%

Black_Friday, July 30th, 2003

I can't think of another rating for this album coz like the title sez, this cd is the best of the best band.

Okay, now, there are few things fans bash Dave Mustaine about. But they are needless bashings. First, the fans said that Dave was trying to be a sell-out with releasing a best of CD. NO, he wasn't trying to be a sell-out, he was sick and tired of Capitol Records to make him release what they want him to release, and Dave wanted to go through his direction not the record label's. So, he released a Best Of so that he could be through with Capitol Records quickly and give the fans a better album. So, if fans bash Dave without knowing the truth, shame on them!! The guy just wanted to please the fans...

Second, people are whining about the song selectin. Now, I love Tornado of Souls but the track listing was NOT up to Megadeth. It's something Capitol Records did, the own the copyright to every song on that album, and they chose what BECAME hits, accept it or not, the songs on this album were the hits, they cannot choose what every fan likes. I wish this CD included "Wake Up Dead" but it's ok...I don't whine for that.

This CD deserves a 100, because like I've typed above, there's nothing wrong with it. Classic Megadeth songs plus two new great songs. I love them both. And Capitol Punishment is a great title. This sure is a great CD and the world needs Megadeth back!!