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Two good new songs... - 85%

Snxke, May 27th, 2003

This "old hat re-hash of old popular songs" side of this CD won't get a review here. It holds no worth to me or anyone to mention how great "Hanger 18" is at this point as we all know what those old records sound like. (Though I will complain that too many new songs and too few old songs were selected to be on this compilation.)

Now for the two newies and best material Megadeth has worked on for years...

A)Kill the King

Nice double kick drums and healthy guitar lead this one. Not thrashy, more like something GOOD off Countdown to Extinction. It's got a mother of a mix too. Something that could have called for a rebirth but did not.

B)Dread and the Fugitive Mind

Best Megadumb track in years. So good Dave bothered to release it on two records in a row with only slight remixing being the difference in recording. This song has killer lyrics, a neat beat and everything Megadeth ever promised. VERY worth it.

It's too bad "The World Needs a Hero" didn't live up to the hype these two songs created. In fact, it sucked and these ruled.

Oh well - download these songs as if you are a metalhead you should own all of the originals anyway.