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Introduce Someone to Megadeth with This... - 80%

Hellbentforleather, June 19th, 2003

I bought this CD back in May 2001, before The World Needs a Hero came out. It was my first Megadeth CD. I initially loved all of the radio hits, especially the classic Symphony of Destruction. However, I soon got sick of it and threw it to the side of my CD collection. A few months later, after I started high school, I picked it up and threw it in my CD player. I loved the older songs now, with all the aggression they have. Afetr listening to this, I started to become a full-blown metalhead. And that is how i was introduced to metal and Megadeth.

Overall, this album is perfect for someone just starting out listening to Megadeth. They'll like the softer, latter-day Megadeth at first, and the album seems to ease them into the heavier, thrashier stuff. The tracklisting is great. It is missing a few good songs though (Wake Up Dead, Tornado of Souls). The new 2 tracks are worth buying this album, even if you already have all of the Megadeth stuff already. Both songs are incredibly awesome, Kill the King is Fast and Heavy, with some nice drum work. Dread and the Fugitive Mind has some interesting lyrics, and I absolutely love the solos. It's what makes this song (and Megadeth in my opinion) special,