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Moldy Bread - 35%

NoKnownName, November 4th, 2013
Written based on this version: 2000, CD, Capitol Records (Japan)

Megadeth's Risk was a controversial album among the band's fans. Many disliked the album for being much more based in hard rock than in the thrash metal style for which they were known, causing the band to sound out of their element. In further experimentation from the band's normal genre, they released the Breadline EP. This EP features 4 songs from Risk (one radio edit and three remixes) and 2 previously released tracks (both remixes). While remix albums are not inherently bad, they are normally mediocre. This EP is no exception.

The first two tracks are variations on the song Breadline, which in and of itself is a dull song. It is obviously trying to pander to the alternative crowd, but fails by not having any original ideas. The remix only gives the song an electronic feel, adding nothing to an already unexciting track. The Insomnia remix by Rhys Fulbar of electronic group Delerium is okay, but the sounds thrown in to make the song sound 'Middle Eastern' can be annoying at times. It is also predictable, using many overused effects. The last remix from Risk, Crush 'Em, is garbage. The song is pretty bad to begin with. Making it even more electronic only brings it down more. Mustaine's vocals are annoying, and the effects used on his voice don't help. Midway through the track, the song stops so Mustaine can rant tunelessly about how tough he is. This section was utterly pointless, and sounds rather like something out of a nu metal song.

The older cuts that were remixed are incredibly different from one another. The first one is Symphony of Destruction, remixed by Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor. This is the best remix. The original was a classic, and Reznor adds more menace to the track and gives it an industrial feel. However, the remix is close to ten minutes in length, leading it to be repetitive at times, and making it drag on longer than it should. The last remix is of the classic Holy Wars... The Punishment Due. It was remixed by Sascha Konietzko of the German industrial band KMFDM and is definitely the worst track on the EP. The stuttering beat makes the song lose its edge and the keyboards add nothing, as do the shouts after the chorus. Much like parts of the Symphony of Destruction remix, it gets repetitive after the first three minutes.

All in all, this EP is only for die-hard Megadeth fans. The main reason I gave this a 20 is because of Reznor's remix, which isn't even one of his best. I suggest picking up the Hidden Treasures EP instead. It gives you more rarities that are much better than the ones contained here.

How could this happen!? - 0%

Desecrator_666, March 1st, 2008

First of all, I must admit that Megadeth is one of my favorite bands ever. So, I've been dissapointed with the recent stuff that the band has released. But this is the biggest dissapointment so far. Not even Risk, or the Cryptic Sounds ep have reached such a degree of sucking. Now, onto the EP.
This features one song taken from the album Risk, 3 remixed songs from that album, a Symphony of Destruction remix and.. a Holy Wars remix (!).
The main song of the album sucks, is a cheesy hard rock oriented song. But hey, it was taken from Risk, what did you expect? Then, you hear a remix of the same fucking song that you just heard. The difference? Is electronic fucking bullshit! Did you think that Risk was the worst Megadeth release? Check this fucking crap. Turning a crappy hard rock like song, into a cheesier electronic fucking song! But this does not end here. Then comes a remix of Insomnia, another crappy Risk song. Forgettable. Then comes Symphony of Destruction. This is another electronic remix. Dave is becoming an expert when talking about raping classic songs (see 2007's A Tout le Monde or the last track on this piece of utter shit). This is even longer than the original one! Ten fucking minutes of agony! The fifth song is a remixed version of Crush 'Em. Another forgettable Risk song. But just when you thought that the worst had passed, then comes a Holy Wars remix. An ELECTRONIC Holy Wars remix. WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING, DAVE? You completely fucked up one of the band's best songs ever!

This EP is worthless. I thought I'd never give Megadeth a rating lower than 40 (Risk, of course), but this is just a crash grabber. A really awful cash grabber. This is utter crap, not even for die-hard fans. Download it for free if you want to give it a listen. I wouldn't spend more than $1 in this piece of shit.