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An in depth look at Megadeth - 91%

The_Philosopher, August 1st, 2003

Let me start by saying I adore this disc. At the time the original episode aired, I was a HUGE 'deth fanboy. I watched it every time they repeated it and taped it onto VHS.

The BTM focuses on Dave Mustaine, because after all, he is the main man in Megadeth. The story of his beginnings, through his rise and fall, his drug abuse, and the highs and lows of his career is so compelling. You are drawn in and you want to know more.

The episode was not meant to parody Dave's drug use. I thought they portrayed it in a rather grim way. When they go over the fact that he actually died in 1993, I felt goosebumps all over my body. That's how grim it is.

VH1 goes into every nook and cranny of Megadeth's history that you can possibly go in an hour and 15 minutes. You feel like you know the bandmembers and you feel for Dave.

Now, for the extra features. The discography is completely worthless unless you are totally new to the band (but why would you own this dvd if you weren't a fan?). There is about 5 minutes or so of extra interviews, and there is a pretty humorous story that Chris Poland tells. The video for Moto Psycho is decent. I don't think it ever got airplay on MTV or VH1 though.

Even if you are only a casual fan, you will enjoy the DVD. It's captivating, and almost movie-like.