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Better in Concept than Execution - 50%

Deathdoom1992, August 13th, 2016

Naturally, given the mediocrity of Megadeth's recent years, you'd be allowed more than a slight grimace upon hearing that Dave and Co. were remaking one of their all-time classics, the stunning A Tout Le Monde. Whilst MTV may not have loved the original, us Megadeth fans lapped it up, savouring the delicate verses and punchy, memorable chorus. It very much falls under the category of "Songs not to be remade ever", but we all know that Dave Mustaine does whatever the fuck Dave Mustaine wants to do. Only this time Dave is the sole member left who played on the original, and to change things up a little he got Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil to do some vocals. Yeah, a classic song featuring a singer from a band that's divisive, to say the least. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, to be brutally honest, not all that much. We've got Mustaine giving a guitar performance which is pretty much note-for-note the original version (I'll get to his vocals in a minute), other guitarist Drover is nondescript save for a solo which is a changed version of the classic Friedman solo, and I actually enjoy the new solo quite a lot. JUNIOR ISN'T HERE!! But I'll save that rant for a post-Junior album review. The bass is quieter than the '94 version but it's only average anyway, and the drumming... well, it's just standard rock drumming, what the fuck it's doing here I don't know. By far my biggest bugbear is not the shitty drumming, it's Mustaine's vocals. Gone is the original soulful performance, replaced by a standard, mechanical, emotionless performance. The lack of emotion here, as a whole, rapes the original, stripping it of its feeling which made it so special. On a more positive note, Scabbia's performance is probably the thing I enjoy most here. It does have feeling, and that probably saves this from a far lower rating.

Actually, I lied. My biggest issue isn't Mustaine's crappy, dialled-in vocal performance, IT'S THE FUCKING VIDEO. Goddamn do I hate that monster. In the video, Mustaine just looks, well, gay. There's effeminate movement which is almost awful discoey. He's also wearing a shirt with two crosses on it, jamming his newfound Christianity right in our faces by poncing around in that shirt. We can also witness the extent to which he has taken the band over, as we only get to see them for around 30 seconds out of four and a half minutes. I'll try and give some narration on what happens: Scabbia watches Mustaine begin to perform and give some feminine dancing, she is somehow turned on by this, she goes to the bathroom, hears the band's continued performance, sings into a phone (as you do) and is suddenly compelled to run to some abandoned factory and continue to sing. Then, suddenly, it's Mustaine watching Cristina. Yep, it's obviously a masterpiece of filmmaking, basically Pulp Fiction. Jesus Christ.

No, regardless of that awful video, it's not a bad song. It's just so, so unnecessary. It seems that Mustaine has learned his lesson though, and we haven't been treated to another remake of something legendary. I will say that it isn't a rip-off, and it probably increases the legacy of the first. This'll probably stick out on the album if you haven't heard the original, which is probably testament to how classic it is, that a rough remake can be one of the album's better songs.

Horrible shredding of a classic - 5%

_orc_, May 4th, 2007

Why, Dave? Why do you made that fucking horrible version with that girl from Lacuna Coil? That's my question. Instead of recording a new song for his upcoming album, "United Abominations", Dave Mustaine preferred to record a duet with Cristina Scabbia, playing "A Toute Le Monde". This is one of the best classic songs of Megadeth, included on that kickassing record, "Youthanasia". Years have passed, Megadeth changed a lot (for worse), and now it seems that Dave just wants to sit down in his room and start counting his money. I don't find another reason for this unnecessary duet.

Ok, let's see. The song starts good, Dave's voice is OK, the guitars are OK. But at the chorus, Scabbia's voice appears. Damn. Till that point, the song was good, acceptable. But when the girl started singing, all turned into POP music. Yes, it is. POP music. Megadeth had some 'slides' on their repertoire, but I think this is the lowest point of their whole career. The rest of the song is similar to the original, but with Scabbia singing in some parts, a fact that takes the 95% of the blame of the low quality of this revisited version.

Well, this song sucks, literally. I don't know if "UA" will be better or worse than this (well, worse than this is pretty hard), but this turned inmediatly in a song to skip.

Beginner's Guide to Raping Old Classics - 25%

Empyreal, May 1st, 2007

So I was absentmindedly working on some stuff and this song came on. Forgetting I was listening to Megadeth, my immediate thoughts were "What is this shit? Oh wait, am I still listening to Megadeth? Jesus fucking christ."

For the uninitiated, Dave Mustaine and his musketeers have teamed up with Lacuna Coil vocalist Cristina Scabbia of all people to 'remaster' this old song of theirs. That wasn't a good idea, and it certainly wasn't indicative of the overall quality of their next release. "A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)" is a radio friendly alternative rock song with little to no metal semblances at all. Now, the original song was no raging headbanger either, but there's a difference between touching balladry and radio garbage. The riffs are monotonous and unmemorable, and Dave's vocals actually sound much worse here then they did on the original. He might have improved his clean singing talents, but the singing here lacks any real emotion that may have been presented on the original. Scabbia's input doesn't seem to be too prominent, but she sounds awful, just like she does with her own band. And they sped the fucking song up---thus robbing it of any feeling or worth it had in it's original form.

What will the newer fans think when they hear this? This is worthless fecal matter only fit for fans of My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, and Green Day. It's heavier and more thoughtful, but overall it's the same. Just shitty radio rock. Not exactly an outstanding testament to what was once a touching ballad. What an awful first impression of the Megadeth of old.

Not recommended to anyone, really. It gets 25% because it's listenable---but that doesn't make it any good. Yawn.

It works...but what an odd choice for a single. - 65%

MurderNArson, April 28th, 2007

Seriously, I'm not quite sure what Dave was thinking with this one. As a previous reviewer mentioned, the other songs from United Abominations that have been released are really quite promising (while they're not on par with the classics of old, they're definitely better than anything released since Rust in Peace). So why not make one of those your leading single? This song isn't bad in and of itself, but it sure doesn't foreshadow the kind of balls-out thrash that everyone's hoping for.

However, ignoring the poor decision to make it a single before the album was released, it's really not all that bad. I've never been one of those who hail the original as a masterpiece (it was a good song, but it had nothing on the old-school thrash material), so maybe that's why I don't see it as blasphemous. The duet with the Lacuna Coil singer is alright, as long as you allow yourself to temporarily forget that, well, it's Dave Mustaine, the world's biggest badass, doing a duet with the Lacuna Coil singer - in any case, the vocal harmony suits the chorus well. I also think the faster pace of the song works; just because it was originally written as a slow song doesn't mean it doesn't lend itself well to a faster version. As has already been mentioned, the solo is very good, and is probably the one area in which this version actually tops the original.

On the whole, this one isn't quite is good as the originally, but it's not that much worse. Doing a slightly weaker remake of one of the post-Rust in Peace songs is forgivable - it's not like it would be if Dave watered down something like "Holy Wars" or "Set the World Afire;" now THAT would have been blasphemous. The main problem is that releasing a remake as your leading single is not a good idea, nor is choosing one of the album's softer songs when the album itself is the heaviest you've done in a while.

So here's hoping that the rest of United Abominations is in the "Sleepwalker" and "Never Walk Alone" vein. In that context, this track, while not a highlight, will at least be an enjoyable listen in between the big guns of the album.

Not too bad... right? - 51%

thatcoltkid, April 28th, 2007

As you can clearly see, this song hasn't been getting alot of love and I can see why. In 1994, Dave Mustaine created a masterpiece known as the touching ballad A Tout Le Monde; one of the more beautiful songs of metal, which had a nice yet depressing feel. It was filled with so much emotion that you didn't even need to know what the chorus translated into to know exactly what he was singing about... Truly a one in a million type of song.

Again, ONE in a million... not two.

So enter 2007, the highly awaited United Abominations release is right around the corner and the first single to support this album is a remake of this previously mentioned classic. However they sped up the tempo, stripping it off the depressing ballad aspect of the song. Then they add some Goth chick to the fold that makes it seem alot more commercial and 'sell outy', smart one Dave.

However, the reason why I gave it a 51%, which statistically makes it more good than bad is the fact that A Tout Le Monde is still an awesomely beautiful song, and despite being neutered here... it's still A Tout Le Monde to me damnit. Plus the guitaring is in top form and that solo would make Friedman himself proud.

However, don't let this cloud your judgement of the new album because the three other songs off of it that I have heard so far (Gears of War, Washington is Next and Sleepwalker) are nothing like this and they sound like a long awaited return to Megadeth of old... lets just hope the rest of the album is like those songs and not this one.

Insulting - 5%

natrix, April 28th, 2007

I really don't hate this song as much as I hate Dave's "improvements," much like how he neutered Rust In Peace in its remastered form. I actually enjoyed the original of this song, even though I do find it quite cheesy.

Okay, why the hell are you playing it faster? It now sounds like a fucking emo song with Dave crooning over it. Damn it, that was one of the stupidest ideas I have ever heard coming from Dave! Slowing it down would have made more sense, but now it feels bouncy and happy. In the words of Frank Booth from Blue Velvet, FUCK THAT SHIT!

Cristina Scabbia pours on the cheese hot and heavy, like a big glob of ultraprocessed 7/11 nacho sauce. She might be good at what she does in Lacuna Coil, but not in fucking Megadeth. I know that there is a difference between Cristina and Amy Lee from Effervescence, but for fuck's sake, this sounds like a blatant attempt to ape the "Bring Me to Life" craze, albeit in its retarded shadow/inverted sense. And YOU must admit, Dave probably had that in mind when re-doing this.

The Drover solo is quite nice, and I've got mega respect for the man. I'd like to give 30 points based mainly on the compentency of the band involved, and the fact that I feel sorry for them, but that would be out of character. They must be quite embarassed about being involved in this atrocity...

This is a real insult.

Shame on you, Dave Mustaine!

Why Dave? - 9%

MercyfulFate, April 27th, 2007

This sounds like taking a ten year old cassette copy of 'Youthanasia' and playing it on a twenty year old stereo, while recording a thirteen year old girl singing along to it. It's been sped up, the vocals sound like Dave is getting his nuts stepped on and it's just plain and simple: a shitty remake.

It's lost the complexity and beauty of the original, it just feels tainted. Musically its almost idenitcal to the original, only with the "old sped up tape" sound. The solo has a new edge to it, and quite possibly the strongest part of the whole song. Perhaps if you've never heard the original it would be a 'decent' single. But when trying to improve a masterpiece (which has always been my favorite from Youthanasia), and presented with this garbage; it's not really a good mix.

All in all re-recorded songs are always the "love 'em or hate 'em" cliche'. Personally, this is a situation where you can scrap this.

Not horrible, but has a bad aftertaste. - 65%

hells_unicorn, April 25th, 2007

Its difficult for me to make my mind up on what I’ve heard here because I’ve been a steady fan of MegaDeth for more than a decade, and I’ve also followed Lacuna Coil fairly avidly for the past 5 years. Although separately they each have their own unique flavor that I can indulge in with a pure sense of enjoyment, like certain additives in any recipe, when combined you can come up with something that doesn’t taste too good.

My principle criticism about this remake is that it is far too fast, it is somewhat close to the faster stuff that Lacuna Coil has done. This song is about a suicide, and although it carried a sense of woeful beauty in its original form, it doesn’t fully fit the Goth Metal/Rock format too well. Dave’s vocals are well done, but a little bit too clean in comparison to what I have always enjoyed in his fast vocal works. Cristina’s vocal performance is fine, as always, but clashes with Dave’s and the background voices work against the simplicity of the song.

The production and overall sound is highly mechanical, not quite as blatantly as was the case on “Risk”, but definitely headed back in that direction. The clean guitar sounds are thin, the distorted ones don’t have much edge to them, and the lead tracks get buried under the rest of the arrangement. The part where the mix truly falls apart is at the end where the principle lead track that culminates the entire song is hardly audible.

If you were okay with what you heard on “Risk” and the less metal songs on “Cryptic Writings”, this might have some appeal. I can rationalize blowing a dollar or two on this vis-avis itunes or some other mp3 outlet, but if you like older MegaDeth I would definitely save your money for something else. This seems more to be a one-time experiment by the band rather than a clue as to the total direction of “United Abominations”, which I can forgive, but I could well be wrong.

w00t! Dave butchers old songs! - 10%

PhantomLord86, April 20th, 2007

Yes, this is a remake of an old song. And let me tell you what, it is BAD remake. Actually very bad. I prefer the old version by a long shot, this remake truly butchers the original.

First of all, Dave's singing may have improved, but I prefer the old style. Despite his voice was VERY hit or miss, at least it sounded raw and aggresive. In this "new" song, it lacks both qualities. But the vocal department is not complete yet, as we also have a powerless version of [insert average gothic female singer here] in the form of Cristina Scabbia, of LaKorna Coil's fame. (Yeah, LaKorna Coil.) This girl has the most powerless voice I've ever heard this side of Britney Spears. The multi-layers add power and are helpful, but in the last verse when only one layer is used, the lack of power is SO evident that it screws her whole performance.

The guitars are not very heavy, and this sounds like mainstream heavy metal worse than the black album (by you know who). I liked the original version despite it was nowhere near the old 80's stuff, but this version goes too far in the lack of aggression. I really hope this is not a good advance of the new album, and after hearing this song I decided I'm gonna give the whole album a listen or two before buying it.

Very good remake of a classic Megadeth song - 90%

InnersoulDarkness666, April 10th, 2007

Ok first of all many people who have only in recent years gotten into Megadeth believe this to be a new song. This is actually a remake of a song from Youthanasia in 1994. This song doen't represent the "future" of Megadeth since it's not a "new" song per say. It only represents that Mustaine can still play his old material as well as he used to, (even better in this version IMO). The vocals on the newer version of this song are very top notch and i even believe Dave's voice has improved over time (unlike Hetfield who can't sing his old stuff worth a crap). Having Cristina from Lacuna Coil adds a nice emotion to the song, and even a nice balance as well. This song is every bit of itself that it used to be and hasn't been "watered down" like some bands that try to remake older songs. I say very well done Dave.

I've heard heavier riffs on a John Coltrane album - 32%

Stoom, March 26th, 2007

I sure hope this isn't a representation of the upcoming album, because this is NOT what I want to hear from Megadeth. In fact, this is worse than Risk, dare I say. I might be just adding fuel to the flame, but seriously, this isn't good.

The riffs, ah yes; really, really melodic death riffs, but with the death. All we have is a melodic riff or two repeated until the solo. Cristina Scabbia can sing, but that doesn't excuse this poor recording. I've never liked Lacuna Coil, and THIS will not convince me to buy a record.

Dave, Dave, Dave. What the hell were you thinking? WHAT? I know you're supposed to be sober, but you came up with better songs while you were drunk, I mean come on. This isn't a return to form, it's brining you even deeper into the hole that I call mainstream music. Megadeth isn't the powerhouse thrash monster it was in 84'-91', it's just well, a hideous monster. Not the good monster, the horribly made B-movie monster.

Please, do not let this be a representation of the upcoming album, I PLEAD TO YOU DAVE!