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Absolutely no reason for this - 8%

deathmetal69_, May 22nd, 2020

I was expecting to give this around a 10 or a little higher, but decided on an 8. I knew this review was gonna be negative for sure, but didn't know exactly what to rate it, I think an 8 is acceptable enough. First of all let me get this straight, this itself isnt absolutely fucking terrible, but compared to the original song, this is an abomination. If this was it's own song and wasn't a remake of the original, I'd easily give this a way higher score.

Alot of the time I HEAVILY dislike when bands make modern, "re-vamped" versions of their classics, unless its something specific or it legitimately isn't bad. Some bands do it greatly, particularly brutal death metal bands, or death metal bands in general. For the most part they make it great or decent enough, but what we have here with this À tout le monde remake is just unacceptable.

This remake has been dehydrated of all it's emotion and iconic feel. Think of it as a sponge, it sucked out all the life and greatness. No water = no life. A giant sponge sucked the life out of this big time. The beauty of the sad, windy, rainy day mood is completely gone. Sure, the original song is obviously still here, but it's ruined by the newer and half-assed sound. The original has soul, it has emotion, and that's what makes it so great. THIS is a remake just for the hell of it. There's no soul to be found, all the beauty is gone. On top of that, it's played in a note higher or something from what I observe, so as soon as it starts playing it's already cringe-worthy. Makes you go "uuUgGhHHHH" and shiver in disgust.

I'm not one to bitch about remakes or "newer music", most of the metal and music I listen to is from 1995-present. Most of the time I listen to things that came out after 2000. I cant stand people who whine about "old school better dur dur new music bad and gay grrrr", but when it comes to crap like this, a meaningless remake of a beautiful classic which is ruined by half-assery and the modern sound, that's when I feel the same way. Not to shit on the genre at all, but alot of the time thrash bands don't do so well with remakes of their classics, that's death metal's thing. Thrash needs to stop doing that, and this right here proves exactly why. Yeah, À tout le monde isn't exactly a pure thrash song. Especially if a thrash band puts out remakes of stuff from their iffy/different/experimental era you know it'll probably be bad. That's exactly the case here. You know what I mean, whatever.

The original version felt full of life, and had an actual foundation that had an atmosphere when it hit the listeners' ears. This feels empty and hollow, not a good taste in your mouth. This does NOT give me the same vibe as the original does. Instead it gives me the vibe of mediocrity, the vibe of the "popular 80's thrash band trying to be epic as they used to with 'comeback' type albums and material". Leaving me wondering why Dave Mustaine, an absolute chad, has done this.

Dave's vocals sound weak and uninspired, which once again proves that the life has been completely sucked out of this. Where's the depth? The care? Doesn't seem to me like he legitimately cares enough to fit the same vibe and mood as the original. On top of that, he sounds rushed, like he's trying to get through this as fast as possible. It's like a live version of the band playing the song, but recorded into a studio version. There's no clear direction, just the need for the destination. What a dissapointment. I also dont like the dual vocals either, that's really unneeded and makes it even more bad. God NO dual vocals, especially with a female counterpart. THE CRINGE. Compared to the OG version, everything here sounds thin, lifeless, wussy as fuck, whiney, and bare of worth. This sucks. Everything is played correctly, and the instrumentation is definitely there, but the presentation and style/sound of the instruments are gross and VERY bitter, no thanks. We could DEFINITELY have a beautiful modern version of the song if the band put more care into it and tried to make it as similar and soulful to the original as much as possible, but THIS is what we got. A contrived, careless, scurried up revamp. Wow.

Nothing towards the female vocalist I guess, but WHY??? I really fucking hate when there's a cheesy as hell unneeded female vocal part singing along the dude, it always ruins it, that's just how it is; unless it's gothic metal or something, but that's an entirely different thing. I just fucking hate it, it's annoying and makes my head and ears ache. No reason for her to be in this awful insulting remake, making it even more stupid than it already is. It would honestly be kinda less bad if she were never in this. Adding the girl doesn't make it any more special, or emotional, it adds nothing. In fact; it makes it even worse than it already is. There's NO NEED to add cheesy as fuck stupid female backing parts, ever. What the hell? Fucking stupid.

This review is entirely based off the song's comparison to the original, as it's obvious that this is once again, a giant abomination and a pure insult. A timeless classic remade in a modern, money-pinching, half-assed, un-soulful mess. This is my first time writing an extremely negative review, never currently have given anything a rating this low before. I definitely hate other things more than this, but I can't deny the fact that this remake is absolute crap and garbage. I can SLIGHTLY tolerate the other things, but this dreadful remake I can't stand. Not complete fucking garbage but it sure is very close to it. There's no emotion, no soul, no foundation, just pure abomination that truly has zero reason to exist.

It's listenable, but NO. Please NO.

PLEASE stick to the original, this doesn't deserve any light or positivity at all. I will most definitely not listen to anybody trying to persuade me that it's a "good remake" or "not as bad". No, not listening to that false garbage. Take that thought elsewhere, because this remake is and will forever remain an insulting piece of crap. I love Megadeth and don't hate pretty much most the stuff they have, I'm a definite fan and have been for a long time.. But this is just unacceptable. I love Megadeth and I love you Dave Mustaine, but this remake of one of your all time greatest songs and a big favorite of mine is a GIANT fail.