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Keep an Eye Out... - 77%

MetalStrikesDown, September 18th, 2009

This is an interesting band. Mefitis hail from California and play a sort of Symphonic Death/Black/Doom Metal. What you hear on this release is very straightforward – they aren't going to surprise you or pull out a masterful and wanky solo. You might not even hear anything you haven't heard before. But what you will hear is a decent band with potential. As the styles that are mixed can produce interesting results all on their own, when combined the result can be very good.

You could say there is a type of intensity, hard to really hear with slower music, but Mefitis manage to do so. The symphonics play a huge role in the songs. With them as the backdrop you get to hear every instrument clearly. The guitars play a sort of grinding style of Death/Doom and Black Metal riffing at times. Those are the main focuses of the demo. The drums are nothing important and merely keep a beat. The bass is audible yet doesn't really play a role. I do believe that the style that Mefitis plays fits very well with the recording quality of the demo; if the production were crystal clear, it would sound like many other bands. But with the mildly raw and muddy production the vocals are dark and help carry the somewhat boring riffs at times. There really isn't much else to say as all the songs were done well, good structure, minimal originality but still sound good.

Mefitis is a band that has potential to make interesting music in the future. Right now they have a long way to go if they want to garner more attention from the underground metal scene or even for mainstream success. I hope they try their hardest to fit more originality into their songs because the elements of Death/Black/Doom Metal that they use together are very interesting.

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