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MIDI Black Metal ist Krieg! - 10%

Shadow0fDeath, January 2nd, 2005

I recently had the chance to pick up this split from a couple little known greece bands from 1994, Medival Demon and Invocation. Medival Demon plays a melodic/symphonic black metal with a midi guitar feeling to their music. Seriously, their guitars and drums sounds like someone fucking around in Guitar Pro and using it to write black metal. This is very close to the shittiest black metal I have ever heard. The vocals are decent but very out of place with this MIDI guitar shit job production. Don't get me wrong, the riffs are very well put together, but the simple fact that the production ruins their entire side of the split and make me wonder what the hell were they thinking with this?

As for the Invocation side of the split it is slightly better. Unlike the trebble MIDI shitstorm that is Medieval Demon there is life in the guitar work with Invocation. It's decently produced but still sounds pretty lifeless and fails to generate any atmosphere. Is this even black metal? Sounds somewhat traditional with death metal vocals over it. Interesting, but nothing special. It's still very pitiful. There are some melodic sections which sound cool but otherwise nothing to keep my interest in anyway

I would recommend staying away from this split. It's overall worthless and not necessary to any collection. A very poor job from both bands. Hopefully their other releases aren't as pitiful as this creation (as it was the first official release for both camps) but it'll be snowing in hawaii before i try to find out if they are worthwile by any means. Don't bother with it!