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Modern metal with extreme bits and catchiness - 77%

Lane, March 13th, 2013

Medicated from Southern Finland have been yanking modern metal since 2005. At the end of 2012 saw the release of their fourth output, their third EP, 'Glasstrophobic'. Modern metal is the name of the game for Medicated, and genres they operate in are melodic death metal and thrash metal.

Starting up with epic intro and sounding like Diablo, 'Fever' is also Diablo-ish modernised thrash metal with some metalcore thrown in. Here sharp thrash riffs meet chugging modern style (which happens in every song, this chugging). Catchy melody work on the chorus fits in well. The title track has some Pantera stuff at the beginning, and then the band get into modern Soilwork-esque mood, especially in the chorus part. There's a short orchestral part, top. Not a bad mix at all, as the song is very fluid. 'Take It' is a fun rocking piece with some infectious grooves, and again, hellishly catchy, big, Soilwork style chorus. It definitely carries a feeling of children Of Bodom. 'Magnum for Amen' modern thrash grabs listener from the word "go", and is the thrashiest song on offer, as the guitarists really get some finger exercise. However, the Soilwork influence lifts its head again. There are both tight parts, but also more spacious parts. Generally speaking, this way it doesn't choke up.

The vocals are really varying. There's aggressive throat-ripping stuff, Phil Anselmo-esque angriness, barbaric growling, but also some good clean vocals on the closer. And thankfully, no bloody metalcore shrieking. The lyrics are about drug abuse, and the typical pattern about it. The rest of the band know their instruments. It's technical, but also playful. That's how the music is, too. This could get these five guys far, but it is soulful.

The production is huge, loud, roomy and simply kicking you in teeth. It was done by vocalist Aleksi Sihvonen, and his job really gets both thumbs up. Usually when a band member decides to produce a recording, it usually sounds bad for some reason, but it's not a problem here. The guitar are thick and ripping. The bass does its job, sometimes louder than other times. The drums have reverb, which suits together with reverbed lead guitars. It does sound modern, but it suits with the music. The production isn't anything like soulless, either. I suggest, that when you've banged your head to it enough and snapped your neck, listen to it with headphones.

I think they will soon be picked up by some record label, because there are so much worse modern metal stuff out there. It's still hard to call Medicated as a characteristic band, but this otherwise shows their strong potential. They aren't faceless, but hopefully they manage to find that thing that will take them further from bunch of too typical bands. 'Glasstrophobic' is a fun-filled thing, much more than drugs I bet, but it kicks your head like no tomorrow.

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