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Fear Factory in Space - 96%

SeiferVamp, January 8th, 2011

There was a supernova that engulfed the world of metal, and nobody saw it. Have you ever wondered what would happen if Fear Factory was backed by a full out orchestra incorporating electronic influences? I did at one point, and Mechina was my swift answer. Anyone who listened to their previous effort “Tyrannical Resurrection”, would know that the overused word “epic” is the central theme these guys pride themselves on. “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” comes to mind when listening to the awesome track “Assembly of tyrants”, as the mood is apocalyptic yet serene and still carries that catchy fear factory flavor. It encompasses the quiet intensity that avant-garde and progressive metal exemplifies.

With “Conqueror” the results are amplified as they took their previous album and redefined their atmosphere into something more tangible. Drums are relentless, choruses are soaring, guitars are AA guns and the atmosphere: enveloping. Imagine if Hans Zimmer was a head banging freak and decided to make a solo album. This would be his final product.

The album starts with the instrumental “Incipient Tragoedia”, that introduces the album for what it is: a journey. Gladiator immediately comes to mind with the emotional female vocals which leads into a foreboding atmosphere that makes us perceive the feeling of caution. That caution is blasted into the next song “Pray to the Winds”. From then on, the journey begins as an explosion of blast beats and orchestral bliss of biblical proportions start the album out with a proverbial big bang. The growling vocals by Holch are as if Galactus himself was screaming at the stars to split them apart.

The song brilliantly leads into “Anti Theist” , boasting a heavier atmosphere and a more intensified orchestral arrangement signifying the journey is entering an unforeseen conflict. This is where we experience Dave’s cleaner vocals which are filled with awe and authority, again, fear factory comes to mind. ”Non Serviam” Further demonstrates the band’s clean vocal prowess with purposefully repetitive choruses that ooze a triumphant atmosphere. The tracks which i consider to be perfect examples of Mechina's theme are “The Iron Law” and the title track ”Conqueror”, which both have this mental image of a spaceship dog fight taking place across the galaxy. For a metal band to achieve such a vision is an achievement in itself.

The only problem i can find with this album is that even though it is almost perfectly balanced, it is still on the short side. The title track “Conqueror”, though phenomenally well executed, ends as if it concluded at its bridge. Nevertheless, the power of this effort is undeniable. If one loves grandiose movie scores, foreboding atmospheres and relentless machine gun riffing and drumming, Mechina’s Conqueror is just that kind of fix. This movie better have a sequel.