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Meatwagon - Demo 1989

Reading the Russian Classicists by Moshing Virulently - 90%

bayern, June 18th, 2022

You’ve got to hail anything and anyone coming from St. Petersburg with open arms, even if said entity has a silly name carved on its face, and has also forgotten to give a title to its only creation. The word, however, is not about the Russian St. Petersburg, I got you there, but about a small town in Florida, which has spawned this talented outfit who, based on the info provided on those pages, is actually a duo, one of whom is Bil Bowman aka the Fakearm.

Bowman, fake arm or not, is in charge of both the drums and the vocals here, and his mean curt semi-clean antics with echoes of Dave Mustaine do a pretty decent job accompanying this stylish technical old school thrash affair which on “Choke” is vintage mid-period Megadeth, a steady sharp mid-pacer with bursting faster-paced accumulations. Comes “Skitzoid”, though, and the setting transforms into something more hectically entangled in the span of mere 2-min, the guys throwing intriguing crooked riffs left and right, “Moment of Climactic Fury” making these really pleasant moments longer, a choppy not very regular shredder with heavy stomping strides. Said strides disappear for “Herve”, a volatile nervy tech-thrasher, and especially for “Stuck”, a brilliant frantic piece chokeful of visionary riff-salads and blazing twisted leads, a sure dropout from Atheist’s “Piece of Time”’s recording sessions.

An excellent slab, also served with this goofy-ish crossover flair at times, lightly marred by the not very clear sound quality, well-conformed with the changing tastes as well, towards more complex ways of expression. Whether with a fake arm or not, the guys have delivered in spades, leaving a small but visible trace in the deep underground, making both St. Petersburg and Florida preferred locations for metal treasure seekers. Both artists can be traced to Black Queen, a death/black hybrid formation, Seattle-based though, a much longer-lasting, also still operational, entity with three full-lengths (and an EP) released so far. It only remains to be seen if the queen is a vegetarian… and whether she likes reading Tolstoy and Gogol on a bright moonlit night.