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Good, unknown, and old school. - 83%

mutiilator, April 29th, 2004

I abhor 99% of Death Metal. But when something metal is labeled with the term "industrial" in its genre, i almost feel inclined to check it out. Meathook Seed started off as a side project between two of the most influencial death/grind bands to exist: England's Napalm Death (unfortunately not with Lee Dorrian and Bill Steer though), and U.S.'s Obituary. Eventually the Obituary members bowed out and were replaced.

The music is pretty simple. Basic melodic metal/thrash riffs are paired up with tight drumming that varies from slow and menacing, to fast and hard. Trevor Peres' vocals are excellent. Not too gutteral, and laced with mic effects. The aspect which separates it from most of the dreck that pours out of the death metal genre is the added programming and synths. Cold, metallic, mechanized synths, derived straight from the old school industrial sound along the lines of Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly. It is not overdone, and not at all cheesy. This adds to the greatness of the music, instead of ruining it. As well, some of the songs include well-programmed drum machine, rather than live drums. But this, too, does not take anything away from the music, but also contributes to the cold feel of some of the tracks. The album finishes off with "Sea of Tranquility", a 14-minute opus, metal-free. Strange industrial and ambient sounds are coalesced and form an strange epic instrumental piece. A creepy end to a great album.

Embedded is nothing too brutal, and deals more with themese like regret and utter hate, rather than gore, shit, and dumb kiddie stuff like that. But if you like older sounding death metal with some thrashy riffs and a great industrialized sound, this album is a diamond in the rough.