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KVLT!!! - 96%

langstondrive, March 10th, 2004

This is one classic album. Sure, the production is poor as hell and sometimes it sounds as though Hellhammer is the sole member, but the raw power of the songs comes through much better than on the actual albums. Firstly - thankfully, Maniac is gone for the first 9 songs. That being said, the songs that appeared on Deathcrush (Deathcrush, Necrolust, Chainsaw Gutsfuck, Pure Fucking Armageddon) are done much better with a good vocalist. Dead's style is much more of a growl than a shriek, which I definitely prefer.

Three "new" songs (at the time) are also included - Funeral Fog, Freezing Moon and Buried By Time and Dust. The latter is horrid - you can't hear ANYTHING except the drums. Funeral Fog is done amazingly, but I do prefer Atilla on this particular song. Freezing Moon is the best song on here, especially when everything cuts out except the bass. EVIL! A song from their demo days also appears, Carnage. Once again, the bass takes over right from the beginning and the song kicks all ass, especially with the raspy vocals of one Dead.

In addition to the above, there are also 4 songs from a concert in 1986 (well, 3 tracks, as the first two are part of one track). They are basically useless, as nothing can be heard above the static.Danse Macabre is nothing but screaming from the audience. Black Metal (Venom) is done half decently, much better than on Pure Fucking Armageddon at least. Procreation of the Wicked is an excellent Celtic Frost track, nothing special here. I never thought Welcome to Hell was a great song in the first place. Oh well, at least it's under the static here.

Get this, it's next to impossible to actually find it. Just download the Mp3's and save yourself a hassle.