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prometeus, February 19th, 2012

Mayhem's debut record is a result of the underground scene creating many death/thrash metal bands. In 1986, while thrash metal was reaching Top 40 on Billboard, death metal, grindcore, hardcore bands appeared like mushrooms after the rain. The First Wave of Black Metal began to decline, bands such as Venom, Bathory and Celtic Frost haven't really been able to define this new genre. But, while image wise, Mayhem could incorporate elements from these bands, music-wise, Slayer and Kreator were the more sinister bands out there.

Indeed, Kreator and Slayer were the main influences of this new outfit, but, sadly, no originality came from these guys. Or, at least, nothing original and memorable... Pure Fucking Armageddon, Carnage and Ghoul are all repetitive riff-wise and have flashy, wining solos with crappy gore lyrics and crappier English and fast and sloppy drumming. The cover song is a joke, I can barely hear something and it's too fast played.

The instrumentals are quite the same as the tracks with vocals, except for the track called "Mayhem", which is just a recording with the band waisting time. I think this is something like "Listen to Nicko McBrain" from Iron Maiden, just without any sense of humour (if you don't know Norwegian).

Voice of a Tortured Skull is disturbing and the band tries something dark/ambient/drone music, but I'm not sure; hell, I don't think they are too. To bad they haven't exploited this style of composing, because they would have made some discoveries!

Aside from the terrible production, copycat riffs, shitty instrumentals and crappy vocals, I can not say this is essential. But this release does deserve some points for enthusiasm and the energy displayed...