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C'mon, guys, you KNOW this is crap - 5%

The_Ghoul, July 2nd, 2012

I am a Mayhem fan. At one glorious point in my life, I had in my possession every studio album Mayhem made, every live album, and several bootlegs as well. I know my fukken Mayhem.

But I can't see how anybody could feasibly rate this any higher than 25 or 30 percent. I don't know how anybody could logically think of this as an interesting side note. It makes me ashamed to say that I'm a Mayhem fan when it's clear some fans will eat up whatever shit the band made when they were young and didn't know shit about making a demo or playing the instruments right. I mean, where to begin? For starters, there is really not a whole lot of material here. There's a pointless intro (sounds like shit, does nothing for the demo), a half-assed cover of Black Metal, and 3 original songs, all three of which are played sloppily and it is apparent that every damn corner was cut in the production of this. Frankly, since Pure Fucking Armageddon (the song) appears in damn near every live album Mayhem made, as well as the Deathcrush MCD, there's literally NOTHING you would gain by listening to the version here. The production completely distorts the guitars and bass beyond recognition, and the drums sound like pots and pans, whilst all this is recorded from a tape deck. Carnage, as well, appears on many Mayhem live albums where it is performed much more competently and convincingly, and there is little reason to hear this version of Carnage -- you can't discern anything here, vocals included -- so the only remaining reason to even listen to this AT ALL, is Ghoul. And even still, it's not much to listen to.

Mayhem would end up becoming legends, but this is some real crap right here. Honestly, it's almost to the point where I'd rate a blank tape with a fart at the end higher than this. It's not kvlt, it's just a crap demo recorded in someone's garage with a tape deck by a band who needed quite a few more rehearsals.