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What a mess indeed! - 10%

Shadow0fDeath, August 24th, 2004

Mayhem, the famous norwegian black metal band, wrote this demo back 3 years into the bands creation. This album definately is a mess just as morbidatheist had stated. The vocals are almost inaudible, and sound just like grindcore/death metal growls buried so deep within the mix you have to have some good ears to hear them, much less understand what the fuck he's saying.

This demo sounds as if someone gave mayhem an old washing machine and told them to make a demo using it. The band basically is fucking around with their instruments the whole time. Especially on the track Mayhem...when they're basically slamming on the drums together and shouting, what the fuck is this crap. Other than that the band sounds as if they're imitating Venom and Hellhammer, but using even worse recording. This must have been the biggest waste of time in the history of metal. It's not extreme. It's not metal. Just a bunch of crap and the band playing random chords on guitar.

The demo is more on the low end which gives it a better sound. It would have been much worse if the album had more treble sound to it. It would be more than the headache it already is. I don't see how anyone would be able to enjoy this demo. It's boring, shitty, and mayhem is just fucking around on the album. Don't bother looking for it or trying to get it. Horrible quality, not metal at all. Just repetitive random guitar chords trying to sound like a metal band. They had a long way to go with this.