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What a mess! - 45%

MorbidAtheist666, August 7th, 2004

This demo has sloppy written all over it! It is a mess, yes indeed. Oh my goodness, this demo is just horrible, plain and simple. Well, Mayhem definitely improved by the time they released Deathcrush. This demo is mostly comprised of instrumentals.

The only great thing about this demo is the Venom cover, Black Metal. No vocals on here. It sounds pretty sloppy. But it's pretty cool though.

Oh man, this demo is bad. I'm not going to lie. I was expecting it to have some substance. It really doesn't. It's almost inaudible to listen to. I do like track #6, Mayhem. It's not really a song. I hear the band members fooling around and shit. Then the drummer just randomly beats on the drums. There's no guitar to be found on this track. This is a very funny track to listen to, I enjoy it.

Are there vocals on here? Or is it the guitar? I don't know, but if there are vocals. The vocals are inaudible as fuck! This demo is just a bunch of noise. It was poorly made.

I really think Mayhem should of put a lot more effort into this one. It's a horrible recording, yes. But Mayhem was a relatively new band at the time. I'll give them credit for making a demo. There's really nothing special on this demo.