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Distorted beyond recognition - 25%

Ahmed_R, August 20th, 2017

This is included as a bonus disk in the Anniversary Edition of Live in Leipzig, and that's how I heard it as opposed to buying the vinyl or individual CD.

It's junk.

You know these songs by heart already. There's already been plenty of official releases featuring this lineup playing these songs - Leipzig, Dawn of the Black Hearts, Studio Tracks and Out From the Dark. Do you need a fifth album of Dead singing the same songs?

The quality is garbage and it's no wonder they sat on this for 26 years, because it should never have been released. For the first two and half tracks everything is muted. At the very beginning when Dead says his famous "Only death is real" you can clearly tell the tape recorder is in the next room and everything's muted by the walls. Halfway through track 3 (Funeral Fog) it bursts open - perhaps the cassette was physically carried - and now it's loud. But you can't even distinguish it.

Honestly, I know every word to these songs just like you do if you're reading this, but I can't hear Dead 50% of the time. And I can't hear the guitar either. All there is is a big distorted jumble of what I guess is the drums and bass, but I can't make out any semblance of rhythm. This is more Merzbow than Mayhem, just static-y fuzzy NOISE.

You sit there listening, trying to pick out one of the famous riffs you know so well but all you're getting is a bunch of bullshit distortion and random hammering like a warzone.

Yet, I don't blame the band one bit. I blame the fans, who have spent 25 years bitching about everything they've done and masturbating to two dead guys who aren't getting any less dead. They only released this because they knew people would buy it - and I'm sure the "everything after DMDS is The False Mayhem" crowd will go wild for this, but that doesn't mean it's good. There's no use for this wall of white noise.