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Great Album, but has the potential to be better - 80%

metalhed0130, July 17th, 2007

First off let me say that for the circumstances, this is a wonderful album. Considering the fact that Mayhem didn't have the best sound equipment, the acoustics weren't so hot, and they had no intention of making this an official live album, Mayhem holds it together pretty well.

There are a few down sides, however. The guitar has so much reverb on it that you can barely hear the changing of chords, and when you can hear them, Euronymous misses some on a couple of the songs. The bass is so overdriven that at times it sounds like another 6-string guitar than a proper bass, and it is barely audible over the reverb.

The drums and vocals are spectacular, though. Even though Hellhammer loses his drumstick a few times and the drum beats aren't as loud as they should be, the drum parts on this album are some of the best Iv'e heard. There really aren't any words to describe the vocals. It seems like Dead had the ability to have demons possess him while performing. Tracks like "Freezing Moon" and "Pure Fucking Armageddon" show this very well.
Iv'e heard Dead perform much better vocals that on this album, though.
He was awesome during his days with Morbid and on the original studio cut of "Freezing Moon" on the CBR Compilation.

Overall, because it is the only official Mayhem release with the classic lineup,
any Mayhem fan should own it. But if outrageous guitar gain bothers you and your not big on Mayhem, it's not a must have.