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For those who miss Dead - 90%

cynicavon, November 28th, 2011

It is true that there are very few legit recordings with Dead and his tenure with Mayhem, however I personally believe that Live in Leipzig, despite being a live recording, is one of the most impressive live albums I have heard from Mayhem and in black metal and allows its listeners to experience Dead at his very best.

One noticeable trait that I noticed is that some of the songs seemed slightly slower compared to the album releases, however this added a sort of doomy, atmospheric sound to it, especially with the intro to the song Necrolust (despite it being slightly slower compared to its studio counterpart - Euronymous certainly knows how to liven the songs up with his trademark guitar speed and complexity). The track Freezing Moon is one of the most well-known songs from Mayhem and it certainly lives up to its reputation on Live in Leipzig, starting with a slow, doomy-sounding intro, then moving into its guitar-shrieking mid-section. The song concludes with an amazing guitar solo by Euronymous and the reuse the the mid-section to wrap it up.

For the drumming, Hellhammer does an impressive job keeping up with the speed with each song while adding an extra amount of complexity, favoring the use of his double kick, his crash symbol, and his high hats for multiple blast beats. Necrobutcher's bass guitar playing is easily recognizable, especially with the inclusion of the distortion for songs like "Chainsaw Guts***" and "Freezing Moon", adding a huge amount of power to back up both the guitar and drumming. The guitar playing by Euronymous is a perfect example of how Mayhem can live up to their musical reputation both in the studio and on stage. Every song on this album does not disappoint and Euronymous makes sure of that when playing at high speeds with extreme complexity and heavy distortion. Dead's vocals are by far the most impressive trait on this album, especially the use of his raspy, screeching vocals filled with hate and darkness and after listening to the first few songs, it was easy to understand how his technique became the trademark vocal style for black metal.

This album is one of the most amazing releases by Mayhem and one of the most important in its old history. If you are a fan of Mayhem and black metal, this album is highly recommended. However, for those who are concerned with the quality of the record, have no worry because it is a live album after all.