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Surprisingly Good. - 88%

TheBigDizzle, August 3rd, 2004

Black metal to begin with is known to have poor production, so that might make you think that a live album from a black metal band would have very poor production. This is not the case though with this live album, it basically sounds as good as a studio album with live effects thrown in, like the crowd and more of an echo to the instruments and the vocals.

Dead is definetly an awesome vocalist, he rips through the songs with his menacing vocals and never lets up, I like him a bit better than attila, and for a live performance, his voice holds up incredibly well.

Some of the songs on this album are played a little sloppy, like in the beginning of 'Funeral Fog'. They may have messed up a few riffs, but it still sounds grim as fuck. Most of the songs they play on this cd are very good choices to play live. The highlights would be 'Deathcrush' and 'Freezing Moon'.
Freezing Moon will forever be one of the most bad ass black metal songs there is, and with Dead on vocals, it is just that much more powerful.

Hellhammer's drumming on this album is amazing as usual, he keeps up with the rest of the band very well, and luckily the drumming is well heard on this album, so you can hear it in all it's black metal glory. The Guitar playing is well done, and just a little sloppy at times, but for the speed these guys play at, it is to be a little expected. The Bass can be heard pretty easily and is simple, but also well played.

This is A great live album to have by this band, it's fairly well produced considering it is live black metal, and the selection of songs is good. Any fan of black metal would do well to pick this up.