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Are you dead? - 86%

Estigia666, July 18th, 2003

Dead said this phrase right before "Carnage", to cheer up the audience a bit, that were somewhat undifferent to the band playing (they didn't know exactly what they were missing).

The sound is so live and so honest that it 's actually a bootleg made official. Direct soundboard recording, no bullshit overdubs, in the great tradition of REAL live recordings (see also "No Sleep 'till Hammersmith" and "Live in Viena '93"). The performance is marvelous, if you can get past all the technical flaws, fuck-ups and dissagreements (tempo and coordination speaking) on the playing.

Granted, this isn't the ultimate black metal recording, but it's pretty damn good, for what it is. It is one of the premier examples on how black metal should sound on a live environment: raw, perverse, raw (2 times), vicious, disgusting, raw (3 times). "Deathcrush", "Necrolust", "Buried by Time and Dust" are at their most menacing and sick. Dead's performance isn't the best, but he can scream his lungs out and does an honest effort to sing the classics, that should be enough for you. Even the bass is distorted as fuck and every instrument collide onto each other to form a huge whirlwind of sound. WWWHOOOSSHHHH!!! That's exactly how "Funeral Fog" sound here. If you can't take the RAW, then get your hands onto something else.

Highly recommended for those interested on the band Mayhem and real black metal in general. "Only Death is real". Yes, we all know. But, "Are you DEAD?" (with silly accentuation). Wow.