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Live Haven - 90%

Cyanide_Pills, October 29th, 2004

Live in Leipzig is one of Mayhems greatest albums as it holds the best members of the band displaying their natural talents and pleasure in performing live.
On the bottom line the sounds on this album is less than perfect in fact they could be dramatically improved but that would defeat the purpose of this album and of the band. On the subject of the poor recordings if you are not into muffled screams and guitars black metal really is not for you. If they were to take a KISS way out and edit the album I believe that the content would also be edited the sheer ambiance you feel when listening to it.
This album may be the best Thing Euronymous and Dead left for us. The muffled masterpiece we have actually puts us into the performance and what they were like live. When listening to it you feel like you are amongst the pig heads and various other dismembered body parts. Not to mention the fact that it is Dead and Euronymous at the lead... It makes it all the better... This album is like the turn from when Mayhem went from the greatest black metal band of all time to Cradle of Filth sell outs. Dead's vocals and stage antics tremble through the music and rip into you like nothing else.
Then of course there is Euronymous's guitars... It absolutely blows you away. Its powerful and completely raw. His guitar dictates through the album the ambiance of death and destruction. The talent of guitars Euronymous displays in this album is imitate and cascades to a new level just before its death.