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I hope whoever made this dies - 0%

NolanBell7805, April 12th, 2021
Written based on this version: 1998, VHS, Misanthropy Records

My best friend and I just sat through this and almost died of laughter. How the hell was even authorized to be released?! Eisenhower's first appearance on color TV has better quality than this crap. If you buy this you should be killed. The band deserves no money for the sack of shit. The only thing it accomplished was making my friend and I compare it to terrorist videos from the early 2000's and saying how you can get better production on an audio recording on a Toshiba laptop from 2008. My dishwasher produces better drumming than the idiot who did the mixing for this. Honestly, it's a blessing that the video says what songs are being played, because songs like Funeral Fog and Deathcrush don't even sound like what they did when they were recorded. This is due to the guitars just being white noise, no riff is recognizable unless you're listening very keenly, and it shouldn't be that way. It gets so bad sometimes you can't even tell if Blasphemer is playing a solo or not. The bass is nowhere to be found until they start playing songs from the Deathcrush EP, and sometimes the bass meshes with the already horrible drum sound to make the same noise from the synths in a Miley Cyrus/Lady Gaga late 2000's pop song

As for the bands energy on stage? Maniac is a horrific vocalist, who is boring to watch, and even when he starts slicing himself, it just makes the video more unbearable. The other performances are what they should be, but there's still an absence of good energy on stage. Blasphemer and Necrobutcher are just phoning it in and playing normally. The worst part overall? The crowd cheers at the end of every song, which implies that this was a good concert. Honestly, if I want to hear popcorn popping at high speeds like this, I go to the Dollar General and buy some popcorn and put in the microwave, record it, and still get a better drumsound than this absolute pile of crap. Drums have never sounded this bad.

So all in all, this release gets a 0, as I can't see it being for anything but a one off thing to watch with a fellow metalhead or by yourself, it gets no worse than this bullcrap. I've never seen a live performance video this bad. You can find it on youtube, it's fun for a little while. You can even play a drinking game to take a sip every time Maniac does something horrific. Have fun with that.